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Sign In Page

  • What do you think about displaying the Sign Up form below the Sign In form? That way we could save first-time users from having to find and click the "Sign up" link, adding another step to the process. —Unknown User (elliott)
    • Kept separate pages. Resolve by presenting Sign Up form by default, instead of Sign In. —Unknown User (hannah)
  • What happens if a person who doesn't have an ID clicks "Sign in with Facebook" or "Sign in with Google"? Do these buttons behave the same way as the "Join with Facebook / Google" buttons do? —Unknown User (elliott)



Sign Up Page



Password Reset Page

  • > ...what if a user forgets their OpenMRS ID / Username?
     Technically they can use this form to get their username, by entering their email address, and receiving a password reset email that includes their username. But do you suggest we build a "Forgot your username?" form as well? —Unknown User (elliott)
  • > the OpenMRS ID is referred to as a "username". Should this be made consistent?
    See discussion on Talk. Because this form is referring to the different components of a person's OpenMRS ID (their username, password, and primary email address), I think we should clarify it as username. Maybe use "OpenMRS ID username" is this case, if that's not too verbose. —Unknown User (elliott)
    • Yes. OpenMRS ID is an umbrella concept containing multiple data points about the user. Username is just username. —Unknown User (hannah)
  • Due to changes on the backend, we can now use any email address (primary or secondary) to do the password reset, so let's change the wording to reflect that any email associated with the user's OpenMRS ID can be used. —Unknown User (elliott) 


Dashboard - Home/Explore Page 


  • Primary Call to Action is to introduce one's self on the Discourse page of Talk

  • Additional space for administrative messaging, easily editable

Dashboard - Edit Account Page

  • I really like this wireframe, but the one concern I have is room for growth. One long-term plan we have for OpenMRS ID is to have more "profile"-type data associated with it, such as clinics or organizations a user is a part of, country or location they're from, code contribution information from GitHub, etc. If we added attributes like that over time to this page, would it get too cluttered? —Unknown User (elliott)

    • Condensed some areas. Added placeholders for location data. This can evolve as needs present themselves. —Unknown User (hannah)



Dashboard - Edit Mailing Lists Page

  • Could you change "Subscribe to All Mailing Lists" and "Unsubscribe from All" to links or buttons rather than checkboxes? Since either choice is an exclusive option (and either choice would change the checkboxes on each individual mailing list) I think using a checkbox might be confusing. —Unknown User (elliott)
    • Per our further conversation, subscribe- and unsubscribe-all functions have been removed. —Unknown User (hannah)


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