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What this module does

This module provides basic Human Resources (HR) functionality necessary to maintain records of staff members and personnel actions.  It uses internationally-accepted design practices.  It produces basic reports relating to staff.


  1. Download the latest version of the module from the OpenMRS module repository and add it to your OpenMRS application using the Administration->Manage Modules page 
  2. Go to Administration->Manage Settings and configure the hr.Centric property to be "post" if the module has to follow post-centric approach or "person" if it has to follow a person-centric approach.Default value is set to "post".
  3. You are done!

User Guide


Go to Administration->Manage Settings

Person-Centric/Post-Centric System:

 Posts are jobs which higher authority assigns to the facility (location).  Posts can exist in any of the following states: open (authorized but no incumbent), filled (incumbent exists), and closed (no longer authorized and no incumbent). In a post-centric system,posts are not edited; when a person's job changes in regard to any post, s/he either changes to a different post leaving the old post available for a new incumbent.In person-centric ststem, the old post is closed and a new one created.

Manage Job Titles

Go to Administration->Manage Job Titles

It is a list available job titles in the system.A job title describes a role; includes education and skill requirements, describes job functions, pay grades

In order to create a new job title click on Add New Job Title 

Select a name for the new job title and add the cadre and description along with the isco code for the job title.Isco codes are International Classification Of Occupations.A job title selected from the list of job titles can be edited from this page.

Manage Posts

Go to Administration->Manage Posts

It is a list of available posts.A post is an authorization to employ someone with a specified job title at a specified location,can be open, filled or closed (no longer authorized).The two check-boxes include non-current posts and select all locations enable the user to include in the list closed and unapproved posts and select all location apart from the HR Managed locations.

In order to create a new post click on Add New Post

select the job title,location,status and other fields of the post to add a new post.A post selected from the post list page can be edited from this page.

Manage Staff

Go to Administration->Manage Staff

It is a list of existing staff in the system.The list of staff is paginated with a an option to customize the number of records per page.The list can be filtered based on the name of the staff.The two checkboxes show all staff and show all locations enable the user to include non-current staff (former,applicant, volunteer) and include all the locations apart from the HR managed locations.

In order to a new staff to the system click on Add New Staff.

A staff can be created from an existing person in the system or a new person can be created and assigned as staff.Click on next under the create new person to create a new person and assign him/her as staff or choose an existing person and click next.A staff selected from the staff list can be edited and saved from this page.

Add in the names,addresses and other information about the staff and click save staff to assign the person as staff.

Manage Staff Attribute Types

Go to Administration->Manage Staff Attribute Types

It is a list of staff attribute types in the system.The staff attribute type who's attribute to be displayed is checked will be displayed upon selection of the staff from the human resources page.

In order to add a new staff attribute type click on Add New Staff Attribute Type.Fill the name,description,format and other fields and click on Save Staff Attribute Type to save it.Enable the checkbox "Attribute To Display" if you want to make this as the attribute to be displayed on the personal page.

A Staff Attribute Type selected from the list page can be edited in this page.

Managing Human Resources

Managing human resources currently includes the staff demographics and the post history of each of the staff and be able to perform various personnel actions for a selected staff.

Click on the Manage Human Resources link on the gutter bar.This will take you to the find staff page similar to the staff list.select a staff from the list to view the staff demographics and his/her posts.

This page displays the names,addresses,person attributes and staff attributes if any.The attribute to be displayed selected on the staff attribute types page is displayed on the top right of the page if that attribute is defined for this staff.

On the post history tab in this page one can find the posts this staff has been in from the time of his employment and his/her assignments under those posts.

The various personnel actions are Moving to a new position,Adding a current assignment,Ending a current assignment.Adding a previous position,Adding a previous assignment,Terminating employment for this staff.

Personnel Actions

Move To New Position:

Click on move to new position button to end the current position and move this staff to a new position.

Provide a valid date and reason for vacating the current position.

Creating a new position:In a post centric system,in order to create a position we select a post from the list open posts available,in a person centric system a new post is created upon selection of the location and the job title(post field).To include all locations enable the check box "show all locations".The location drop down acts as a filter to the posts available in a post centric system.Select a valid start date which doesnt overlap with the existing posts for this staff.Click save to save to move to new position.

Adding a current Assignment:

Click on Add a current assignment button on the personnel actions page.

Select a location of the assignment,its start and end date(make sure they are within the range of the posts start and end date,otherwise it flashes an error) and other fields.

Adding a previous position:

Click on the Add a previous position button on the personnel actions page.

A previous position of this staff can be added provided there exists an open post during the period specified by the start and end date(in post-centric) and the start and end date do not overlap with the other positions he has been in - before and current.

Add a previous assignment:

 If there are previous posts for this staff,one can add assignments to the previous posts by clicking the Add a previous assignment button.

select the post you want to add an assignment to and provide a valid start date,end date and end reason and click save assignment.

End a current assignment:

A current assignment can be ended by selecting that assignment.

Provide a valid end date and end reason and click save assignment n order to end that assingment.

Terminate Employment:

Terminating an employment makes the staff former to the system,ends all his current assignments and post.In order to terminate employment click on the Terminate Employment button and provide a valid end date and end reason.This end date and end reason is used to end the current post and all the assignments under that post.

HR Reports 

The HR system needs various statistical reports time to time.These can be generated on the reports section of the module.

Go to Administration->Reports

It is a list of all available reports.Click on one of the to go to the report generation page.

Enter the parameters of the report and the output format for the report and click on generate to generate the report in the specified format.The report is given as a download for the user.

Workflow Demo

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Release Notes

version 0.9 released 


This module was developed during GSOC Summer of Code 2011 by Sai Manohar under the mentorship of Daniel Futterman, Roger Friedman and Carl Leitner..