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Human Genetics Module - Phase II

Primary mentor

Akshika Wijesundara

Backup mentor


Assigned to



Human Genetics Unit is a vital department in a hospital. Therefore in the 2016 GSOC this project was selected as a GSOC project. Taking it to the next phase should be the goal of this project. That includes fixing the image upload feature in the data collection form in the human genetics module.

The other objective is to build model to predict genetically transmitted diseases using previous data. This would require more than the GSOC period but this can be used as a starting point for a model.

Project Champions


Skills Needed

Java, Spring, Machine Learning


  • Configure image uploading feature for Data Collection Form of the Human Genetics Module  in the new UI (2.x)
  • Predict genetically transmitted diseases using pedigrees of patient.(using a clinical decision support system)
  • Improve the human genetics drawing tool to fit the new UI(2.x) of OpenMRS


Summary of last year :

Git hub link :

Some Research papers :


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