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2015 GSoC Project Idea

This project is being considered as a potential project for Google Summer of Code 2015. If you are a potential intern and are interested in working on this project, please discuss it in detail with the mentor(s) listed here before submitting your internship proposal.
Primary mentorUnknown User (cicerosn)
Backup mentorUnknown User (pascal)
GSoC studentTBD


The goal of this project is to create a visual (graphical) tool to define the flow of the patient between the different medical encounters of the system. Depending on the info of the patient (existing, new, child, adult, male, female, disease, etc) the system have to decide the path of the patient. Often, this patient flow changes with a certain frequency, for e.g. depending on the available staff or the period of the year.

A graphical tool of patient flow would allow people, with no programming or any other computer science background, to define or adjust the flow of patient with low effort.

Samples / Potential brainstorming ideas

A. Potential patient flow between different hospital systems (HIS to PACS to RIS)


(B) Patient flow from registration to care


  • Good Java skills
  • Good graphic designing skills / willingness to learn
  • Some experience with visual programming platforms / willingness to learn

Project Champions


  • Research and identify a graphical plugin that works with OpenMRS technologies

  • Define the modeling language (symbols and meanings) for patient flow design

  • Implement a subset of mechanisms that change the patient flow behavior based on the outputs of the graphical plugin

Extra credit

  • Graphically present the workflow for each patient based on patient details


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  1. Unknown User (ayd)


    I am a 2nd year student from Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka.I have worked on projects based on java , c , c++ , c# and I'm currently work on project based on JS, HTML, CSS, PHP ,MySql with Simfony framework and J2EE with JBoss and  Tomcat servers in spring framework. Other than that I have followed OOP , Data Structure and Database systems as 1st year modules.I am interested in participating this year's GSoC with this project.

    As this is my 1 st GSoC project I'd be very helpful if you could give me some more guide lines about this. How can I start on this project ?

    Thank You.

  2. Unknown User (pascal)


    The best thing you can do for now is get involved in the community (Talk, IRC and weekly calls) and get started on some introductory tickets as explained here: Getting Started as a Developer. You can also start working on some initial design ideas for the project and if you have any specific questions, you can ask them here and hopefully Unknown User (cicerosn)Unknown User (valvijo) or myself will be able to answer them.


  3. Unknown User (ayd)

    Thank you Unknown User (pascal) . should this system established in only one place like reception counter or in several places like pharmacy, laboratory ? And should system keep the workflow detail of patient until he exit the hospital or only it displayed at the begining ? 

  4. Unknown User (ayd)

    Do we have to give them a printed copy of their destinations path ?

  5. Unknown User (pascal)

    Hi Unknown User (ayd),

    I don't have the answers to your questions unfortunately, but maybe Unknown User (cicerosn) or Unknown User (valeriomancuso) have some ideas. It is likely that the full requirements of this project are not yet defined, so what you might want to do is put a small proposal together (keep it very simple) and we can take things from there.


  6. Unknown User (valvijo)

    Hi Unknown User (ayd),

    I agree with Unknown User (pascal), this is just the underlying project idea, you can start any point from there but remember to be specific, this is a 3 months project, so try to scope your work in a way you can achieve your goals. If you like, please send your proposal for our feedback.




  7. Unknown User (ayd)


    Thank You so much Unknown User (pascal) and Unknown User (valvijo). Is it ok if I send it through mail list or is there any other method?



    1. Unknown User (pascal)


      The best would probably be to prepare a wiki page in your personal space and we can provide our comments there. If you want to keep it private, then you can add page view restrictions via the tools menu.


  8. Unknown User (jq)


    I joined the OpenMRS community a week ago. During this time I've studied how OpenMRS work just like a user, then read a lot documentation about how OpenMRS designed, what modules include and walked through developers guide. Also I joined IRC channel and developers mailing list and I was impressed by the coordinated work of the entire community!

    Today I sent pull request and worked on graphic patient workflow tool. Now I'm working on my proposal and I have some ideas about what technology I can use and how this project will looks like. 

    As I figured out from Unknown User (pascal) answer above I need to create the appropriate page in my personal space so we can continue discussion. That's right way?

  9. Unknown User (ayd)


    Thank you Unknown User (pascal) . I already created and still preparing on that. Do I have to include timeline of the project as well to that ?

  10. Unknown User (ayd)


    Unknown User (pascal), Unknown User (valvijo) and Unknown User (cicerosn) I went through developer guide and install several setup. And I clone OpenMRs project from git hub and install and run the OPENMRS SDK. After that I do some researches on graphical modelling and  I added some initial Ideas and other details in my wiki page . Can you please provide some suggestions and comments ? As this is my 1 st GSoC project it would be very helpful for me.




  11. Unknown User (bugembe)

    Hello Unknown User (cicerosn) and Unknown User (pascal) I am interested and have good Java skills and a strong will to learn the other required skills. I will like you to advise me on whether to go ahead and how to proceed to make a successful application. Thank you in advance.

  12. Unknown User (cicerosn)

    Hi Andrew, welcome and thank you for your interest. Please  let us know what is not clear in this topic.

  13. Unknown User (ernesto)

    Hi @Cicero Salomao and @Pascal Brandt.

    i'm interested in take part in this project. i loved the idea

    1. Unknown User (pascal)

      Hi Unknown User (ernesto),

      That's great. Submit your proposal to Melange today and we can all discuss it there.


  14. Unknown User (chuckwebstermd)

    Adding a graphical workflow editor to the OpenMRS EHR, one which depicts and programs OpenMRS workflow, allowing non-programmers to tweak workflow to their needs and preferences, is an extraordinarily good idea. You'd essentially be creating what is called, in other industries, a workflow management system. (Current terminology also includes business process management software/suite, and the related dynamic or adaptive case management systems.) My Java is rusty, but I'd be delighted to serve as a resource, in whatever capacity may be useful. I also know lots of other folks who are trying to bring true workflow technology to healthcare and health IT. I'm unfamiliar with your underlying architecture, so I can't estimate the magnitude of such a task. But kudos to you for considering it. Here are several resources you may find useful. I use to give a three-hour tutorial every year during the (now sadly gone) TEPR conference. Here is a link to slides and speaker notes relevant to visual editors for editing EHR workflow. 

    And here my more recent five-part introduction to workflow technology in healthcare. 

    The best way to contact me is on Twitter, at @wareFLO (tho if you ping me there, I'll DM you my email address) 

    Anyway, as I said, I know of other folks interested in adding visual workflow editors (which are just the tip of a workflow tech iceberg) to EHRs and health IT systems. I look forward to alerting them to the potentially (pause, yes, I think it deserves this adjective) revolutionary step in the evolution of the EMR/EHR (and especially an open source EMR/EHR such as OpenMRS!). 

    Cheers, good luck, hoping to hear great things, 





  15. Unknown User (ayd)

    Hi Unknown User (pascal) ,Valerio Joao Unknown User (cicerosn),

    I like to continue this project as my university project. Is it possible ? Does anyone working on this already ?



  16. Unknown User (pascal)

    Hi Unknown User (ayd),

    This project was unfortunately not selected for GSoC this year, so you are welcome to work on it. If you choose to do so, please keep the community updated with the work that you do that if somebody else decides to work on this project in the future, they can build on the work you have already done. Also feel free to request feedback (such as suggested requirements) from the community using Talk.