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Primary mentor

 Anjula Samarasinghe                

Backup mentor

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The Microfrontends Team has created a new Reference Application, the “3.0 RefApp”, which represents the future of OpenMRS. It features a modern Microfrontend architecture and replaces the previous “2.x RefApp”. Students who excel in the end-to-end (E2E) testing of this project may also have the opportunity to contribute to the frontend widget and feature development for 3.0. This is because E2E testing will familiarize them with the 3.0 codebase and there is a high demand for feature development.

At present, there are already a few E2E tests running for the openmrs-esm-patient-management  repository and more coverage is expected. The goal of the project is for someone to extend the E2E tests for openrms-esm-patient-chart and openmrs-esm-core  using the Playwrite framework. The tests will be set up to automatically validate the user interface based on specific workflows.

Skills Needed

  • A fundamental knowledge of OpenMRS Microfrontends is required.
  • Proficiency in frontend web development, particularly with React, is highly desirable.
  • Prior experience with the Playwright framework is a plus, although the ability to write 1-2 simple test cases with it is sufficient. The rest can be learned during the project.

Required Skills



Project Rating and length


175 hours


  • Overall Goal: Set up tests that automate realistic User Workflows for openrms-esm-patient-chart and openmrs-esm-core and show the squad the results, with a warning indicator on a shared Repo ReadMe so that no one misses failing tests.

    • The smoke tests are organized according to user workflows, reflecting a user’s perspective.
    • A limited number of E2E tests are performed on the happy-path user stories (when everything goes smoothly).
    • These tests do not cover every possible interaction or scenario. Detailed functional tests, which are beyond the scope of this E2E Workflow-based draft, are responsible for that.
    • Consider the transitions between different parts of the application, managed by different Microfrontends, when developing these tests.
    • Our goal is for business-level users to easily understand the extent of functionality coverage through reports like this, and to quickly identify areas that may need improvement.


Detailed Project Report


The OpenMRS 3.0 RefApp is a pivotal platform in healthcare technology, designed to streamline patient care and medical record management. The importance of robust E2E testing in healthcare applications cannot be understated. These tests simulate real user interactions, covering the entire application flow, to validate its functionality and performance.


The primary objectives of the project were as follows:

  • Setting Up Repositories: This involved setting up the openmrs-esm-patient-chart and openmrs-esm-core repositories to facilitate testing.

  • Creating E2E Tests: The project aimed to create a suite of E2E tests for various components within the openmrs-esm-patient-chart repository. These included functionalities like "Allergies," "Vitals," "Biometrics," "Programs," "Conditions," "Medication," and "Notes."

  • Integration and Documentation: The E2E tests needed to be seamlessly integrated into the Continuous Integration (CI) pipeline to ensure regular testing. Additionally, thorough documentation of the testing process and results was a vital component.


  • Repositories Setup: Both the openmrs-esm-patient-chart and openmrs-esm-core repositories were successfully configured, providing the foundation for testing.

  • E2E Tests Implementation: A suite of E2E tests was developed for the key functionalities specified in the project objectives. These tests accurately replicated user interactions and workflows.

  • CI Integration: The E2E tests were seamlessly integrated into the CI pipeline, enabling automated testing during each code change.

  • Documentation: Comprehensive documentation was created to guide contributors in using and understanding the E2E testing suite.

Challenges Faced

  • GitHub Actions Issues: Initially, there were issues with GitHub actions, causing a delay in PRs. The problem was identified and resolved in collaboration with the OpenMRS community.

  • Data Test IDs: Implementing data test IDs for testing purposes proved to be more challenging than anticipated due to some unexpected behavior.

  • Dev Server Failures: Temporary failures of the development server disrupted the testing workflow, requiring quick troubleshooting.

  • Test Failures: After merging PRs, some test failures occurred due to incorrectly located locators within the E2E tests. This necessitated debugging and adjustment.

Learning and Growth

The challenges presented numerous learning opportunities, enhancing skills in troubleshooting, collaboration, and problem-solving. The project provided hands-on experience with TypeScript, Playwright, and E2E testing methodologies.


In conclusion, the project "Extending E2E Automated Tests for OpenMRS 3.0 RefApp" has been a fulfilling journey of growth and learning. The accomplishments achieved, challenges overcome, and skills acquired during this project have not only contributed to the RefApp's reliability but have also enriched the developer's expertise. The OpenMRS community's guidance and collaboration have been instrumental in making this project a success.

Weekly Reports


Issue Number

Issue LinkPull Request


O3-2106 O3-2106 - Getting issue details... STATUS Set up patient chart repo for e2e testingMerged
O3-2107 O3-2107 - Getting issue details... STATUS Write E2E tests for record allergiesMerged
O3-2108 O3-2108 - Getting issue details... STATUS Write E2E test to add medication and delete medication - Patient ChartIn Progress
O3-2109 O3-2109 - Getting issue details... STATUS Write E2E test for add vitals and biometrics - Patient ChartMerged
O3-2110 O3-2110 - Getting issue details... STATUS Write E2E tests for add, edit, and delete conditions - Patient chartMerged
O3-2111 O3-2111 - Getting issue details... STATUS Write an E2E test to add a program - Patient ChartMerged
O3-2112 O3-2112 - Getting issue details... STATUS Write an E2E test to add notes - Patient chartRemoved
O3-2113 O3-2113 - Getting issue details... STATUS Setup the Core repository for E2E testingMerged
O3-2114 O3-2114 - Getting issue details... STATUS Write an E2E test to login and log out - CoreMerged

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