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Primary mentorBurke Mamlin
Backup mentorGrace Potma
Assigned toTBD


The administration dashboard serves as the "home page" for administrative functions. Key features include:

  • The basic layout for administration functions (e.g., navigation of function on the left and a content pane on the right).
  • An extension point to allow other frontend modules to add additional administration sections.
  • Packages core administration functions into a single micro frontend artifact and delivers that within an OpenMRS module.
  • Automatically generates additional sections for traditional OpenMRS modules.

Skills Needed

  • Familiarity with Java and JavaScript
  • Familiarity with React and TypeScript
  • Good understanding of REST


  • Provide the framework and layout for administrative functions in the micro frontend framework.
    • Layout with header, gutter, body
    • Extension point for admin functions to add themselves to the list
  • Support admin pages from OpenMRS modules
    • Modules declare administration pages in the legacy UI by implementing AdministrationSectionExt. Add a REST endpoint to allow someone with appropriate privileges to retrieve the module title along with a map of links their names.
      • Examples of popular modules that have admin links through this mechanism: REST Web Services, HTML Form Entry, ID Generation, Reports, Address Hierarchy, Atlas Module
    • Retrieve the list of modules and add a section for each module using its title and showing a list of its admin pages as links that open in a new tab


Extra Credit

  • Bundle the administration UI along with a core set of admin functions into an Admin 3.0 module that can be loaded into OpenMRS reference application

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