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How does this project fit with the strategy?

Burke and others describe the strategy in

Our decision making process is an RFC (Request For Comments). All major decisions are made through github pull requests where anyone can comment. See



Other Reading Material :

Where can you find us ?

On Talk

On Slack

Slack Channel :

Slack Channel: #microfrontend

Standing Weekly Call:

Every Thursday  3pm UTC on

Project Tools:

JIRA Board: &

Style Guide:

Want to contribute?

Here is our board with the list of tasks:

Collaboration conventions:

PR Approval Process:

@mfsquad to agree on the following withe regards to PRs: (1) After a PR is done, the creator of the PR will assign it to a squad member within 24 hours. The squad member will then have 1 week to provide feedback or approve the PR.

Design System Process:
The general plan is once a widget is designed, a ticket will be created in Jira on the MF board. For work that is being done on figma a board has been created in Trello.

Summary of Meeting Minutes:

All Recordings of meetings are stored in a google folder which can be found here :

Learn more:

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