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How does this project fit with the strategy?

Burke and others describe the strategy in

Our decision making process is an RFC (Request For Comments). All major decisions are made through github pull requests where anyone can comment. See



Problem space

Why are we doing this?

Problem statement

We are modernizing OpenMRS' frontend with a few goals:

  • Move from server rendered technologies (jsp/gsp) to client rendered technologies (react, vue, angular)
  • Distributions should have a decent out-of-the-box UI from OpenMRS, if they want one.
  • Distributions should be able to share code.

Impact of this problem

All distributions will have the option to use a new OpenMRS frontend and share code with other distributions.

How do we judge success?

Do we create something? Is it used? By how many groups? Does it work well? How long before we have to rewrite it again?

What are possible solutions?

SPA, client rendering, ES modules, import maps, single-spa applications and parcels


What do we already know?

What do we need to answer?

Ready to make it

What are we doing?

Why will a customer want this?

Visualize the solution

Scale and scope

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