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FHIR Mapping

The strategy was originally implemented by Kwateng on 06.08.2017. commit 881e70acf638df9ef8572e4ec96e19e0c5057828

This is a suggestion on how to map OpenMRS DrugOrder object into FHIR TBD.

Fields which didn't match into FHIR representation are marked on red. Keyword extension means that FHIR Extension has to be used to synchronize this field.
Fields which partially match into FHIR representation are marked on orange.

Fields from parent classes are omitted.

OpenMRS Order documentation - Order Entry API.

OpenMRS class DrugOrder extends Order class.

OpenMRS class DrugOrder is mapped to FHIR's MedicationRequest.

OpenMRS classOpenMRS fieldFHIR fieldDetails
DrugOrderuuid : Stringidentifier.value: String
DrugOrderdose : DoubledosageInstruction.doseQuantity.value : Double
DrugOrderdoseUnits : ConceptdosageInstruction.doseQuantity.code : StringFHIR field contains the UUID of the concept.
DrugOrderfrequency : : StringFHIR field contains the UUID of the object.
DrugOrderasNeeded : BooleandosageInstruction.asNeededBoolean : BooleanType

DrugOrderquantity : DoubledispenseRequest.quantity.value : Double
DrugOrderquantityUnits : ConceptdispenseRequest.quantity.code : StringFHIR field contains the UUID of the concept.
DrugOrderdrug : DrugmedicationReference : ReferenceMedication
DrugOrderasNeededCondition : Stringextension - AsNeededCondition FHIR Extension

DrugOrderdosingType: DosingInstructionsextension - DosingType FHIR Extension
DrugOrdernumRefills : Integerextension - NumRefills FHIR Extension
DrugOrderdosingInstructions : StringdosageInstruction.text : String
DrugOrderduration : IntegerdispenseRequest.expectedSupplyDuration.value : Integer

DrugOrderdurationUnits : ConceptdispenseRequest.expectedSupplyDuration.code
FHIR field contains the UUID of the concept.
DrugOrderroute : ConceptdosageInstruction.route :

DrugOrderbrandName : Stringextension - BrandName FHIR Extension
DrugOrderdispenseAsWritten : Booleanextension - DispenseAsWritten FHIR Extension
DrugOrderdrugNonCoded : Stringextension - DrugNonCoded FHIR Extension
urgency :
Orderpatient : Patientsubject : ReferencePatient
Orderencounter : Encountercontext : ReferenceEncounter
Orderorderer : Providerrecorder : ReferencePractitioner
OrdercareSetting: CareSettingextension - CareSetting FHIR Extension
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