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FHIR Mapping

This is a suggestion on how to map OpenMRS drug object into FHIR Medication.

Fields which didn't match into FHIR representation are marked on red. Keyword extension means that FHIR Extension has to be used to synchronize this field.
Fields which partially match into FHIR representation are marked on orange.

Fields from parent classes are omitted.

OpenMRS class Drug extends BaseOpenmrsMetadata

OpenMRS classOpenMRS fieldDB fieldFHIR fieldDetails
Drugcombination : Falsecombination :extensionMissing in FHIR.
DrugdosageForm : Conceptdosage_form :form : CodeableConcept
DrugmaximumDailyDose : Doublemaximum_daily_dose :extensionMissing in FHIR.
DrugminimumDailyDose : Doubleminimum_daily_dose :extensionMissing in FHIR.
Drugstrength : Stringstrength :extensionMissing in FHIR.
Drugconcept : Conceptconcept_idcode : CodeableConceptJust concept Id will be synchronized.
DrugdrugReferenceMaps : Set<DrugReferenceMapOne to Many relation.extensionMissing in FHIR.
Drugingredients : Set<DrugIngredient>One to Many relation.
ingredients: List<Medication.MedicationIngredientComponent>

BaseOpenmrsMetadataname : Stringname : varchar(255)extensionMissing in FHIR.

OpenMRS class DrugIngredient extends BaseOpenmrsObject. FHIR class Medication.MedicationIngredientComponent


OpenMRS classOpenMRS fieldDB fieldFHIR fieldDetails
DrugIngredientdrug : Drugdrug_id : INT-Can be deduced from JSON structure
DrugIngredientingredient : Conceptingredient_id : INTitemCodeableConcept : CodeableConcept
DrugIngredientstrength : Doublestrength :extension
DrugIngredientunits : Conceptunits :extension

OpenMRS class DrugReferenceMap extends BaseOpenmrsObject. FHIR class not identified.

OpenMRS classOpenMRS fieldDB fieldFHIR fieldDetails
DrugReferenceMapdrugReferenceMap : Integerdrug_reference_map_id :

DrugReferenceMapdrug : Drugdrug_id :

DrugReferenceMapconceptReferenceTerm : ConceptReferenceTermterm_id :

DrugReferenceMapconceptMapType : ConceptMapTypeconcept_map_type :

DrugReferenceMapcreator : Usercreator :

DrugReferenceMapdateCreated : datedate_created :

DrugReferenceMapchangedBy : Userchanged_by

DrugReferenceMapdateChanged : Datedate_changed

OpenMRS class ConceptReferenceTerm extends BaseOpenmrsObject. FHIR class not identified.

OpenMRS class ConceptSource extends BaseOpenmrsMetadata. FHIR class not identified.

OpenMRS class ConceptMapType extends BaseOpenmrsObject. FHIR class not identified.

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