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Primary Mentor
Backup MentorJuliet Wamalwa
Assigned toTBD

Primary  Objective:

Improvements to community and contribution, such as improved/consolidated documentation, better packaging, or training materials

 Project Description

Collate, update and create documentation to compile into a set of Volunteer Guides to support those taking on volunteer roles in the community, and reduce the overhead and dependency on mentors assisting new volunteers in these roles. This generally applies to those rolling volunteer roles identified through a “We’re looking for a … volunteer” post (release managers, product owners, internship administrators, QA testers, BA's etc.).

A wealth of info already exists in the form of wiki pages, google docs, Talk posts, blogs and people’s minds, and there is value in consolidating, developing and packaging this together as practical guides to help volunteers better understand the in and outs of these roles (i.e. the what’s, how’s, when’s and why’s).

Side note: for this to be effective/sustainable in the long term these would need to be set up as living documents, with a key expectation for new volunteers in these positions to maintain and update the guide(s) with any new changes/learnings/challenges experienced.

Skills Needed

Experience in developing user centered documentation

Objectives at the end of the Assignment :

Developed guides for identified user personas

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