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Primary mentorValerio Joao
Backup mentorPascal Brandt
GSoC studentNyah Check


The goal of this project is to improve ease of data migration for production settings by improving upon an existing data migration tool to make it more user friendly.

The student will develop an OpenMRS specific module that either (a) reuses components from or (b) integrates  the eSaude Data Migration Tool (eSaudeDMT) it in order to migrate data from SQL-based data source into OpenMRS Platform. The completed module will provide a WUI to configure migration settings that are currently being performed using an XML file (config.xml), and a command button to ignite the execution.


  • Good Java skills
  • Basic Spring / Jsp skills to develop front end interfaces of the module
  • SQL and familiarity with database applications
  • Some understanding of the OpenMRS data model
  • Willingness to get up to speed with the eSaude DMT application

Project champions


  • Identify mechanisms to either modularize eSaude DMT for OpenMRS Platform or integrate them

  • Provide WUI (OpenMRS Administration menu) to configure inputs and migration settings of the eSaude DMT

  • Enable the execution of eSaude DMT through OpenMRS platform

Extra credit

  • Develop OpenMRS interfaces to map the concepts of OpenMRS implementation with the source database (replace the XLS format of eSaude DMT)







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  1. Hello Valerio, 

    I am Nyah Check, a third year student at the University of Buea, Cameroon; and also been a member of the OpenMRS community for some time now. I am interested in writing code to save lives in Africa. I have previously been a GSoC participant for BRL-CAD in 2013 and i'm proficient in C/C++ and Java, and will like to work with OpenMRS in 2015. I'm currently working on some tickets. I'll like know my expectations on this project. 



  2. I have currently forked the git repo listed above and checking out the Code. 

  3. Hi Nyah

    Thanks a lot for posting in this project. I published some objectives that will probably answer some questions, note that objectives may change in the future but the underlying project idea will prevail. Good to know that you’re already playing around with eSaude DMT. Please don’t hesitate to ask me questions.



  4. Hello Valerio, 

    Thanks for the reply; will get started on the code and email you if I run into any trouble.



  5. Valerio Joao I  am currently working on my proposal. I will share it with you this week to get your feedback and comments.


  6. Hi Nyah Check,

    That is great! I'll gladly help you on this.


  7. Hi Nyah Check,

    Remember to use this time to get involved in the community (participate in Talk, IRC and weekly calls) and work on one or more introductory tickets. See this page for more details: Getting Started as a Developer.


  8. Valerio Joao  Pascal Brandt I have already chosen an introductory ticket to work on . I am currently starting work on my proposal and will gladly email you guys my draft.



  9. Valerio Joao, I remember you created some nice documentation. Can you attach those docs to this page?

  10. Hi Pascal Brandt, I attached some documents of DMT. The same we used during SDLC.