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Primary MentorChanuka Wijayakoon
Secondary MentorSuthagar Kailayapathy
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The Operation Theater module facilitates the management of theater procedures and related data collection. It has a scheduling engine based on Optaplanner library for scheduling procedures among available operation theaters. It allows users to collect data about the procedure & patient throughout the procedure's workflow.

Currently it runs on OpenMRS platform 2.6 or higher with Java 8. Its UI is built with GSP. The module does not have a REST API. This project aims to first write a new REST API for the module and subsequently create a new user interface with React, converting it to an OWA.


  • Primary
    1. Implement a REST API for the tasks done by the Operation Theater Module.
    2. Create a new UI for the module, converting the module to an Open Web App (OWA).
  • Secondary (Optional, as time permits)
    1. Formalize the data collection concepts and officially add them to CIEL Concept Dictionary.
    2. Update the surgery scheduler - use the latest version of Optaplanner and rewrite the scheduling engine.

Required Skill Set

The module backend is implemented in Java and the new front-end should be built with the OpenMRS React component set. Hence, the following skills are necessary;

  • Maven build tool
  • Java - Spring + Hibernate
  • Knowledge on RESTful APIs
  • JavaScript
  • ReactJS ( + Redux may be needed, depending on the implementation)
  • OpenMRS Open Web Apps (OWA)
  • MySQL

You are expected to get familiar with the OpenMRS platform and module interaction, as this module uses Allergy API for fetching the allergy information of a patient.

Reference Material

Go through the links below to set up the module and get started. Use OpenMRS talk for any queries.

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