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This is the API documentation  for the OpenMRS FHIR Module , Condition Resource. 

Condition Resource provides  records of detailed information about conditions, problems or diagnoses recognized by a clinician. For more information please refer

Shown below is an example of how an OpenMRS Obs objects would map to FHIR Condition resource.

The left side of the relationship indicates the OpenMRS Obs attribute, while the right indicated the FHIR Condition resource mapping.

String UUID :: Condition.myId
String accessionNumber :: not mapped
String comment ::  Condition.notes
ComplexData complexData :: -- not mapped --
Concept concept ::  Condition.code
Encounter encounter :: if person.isPatient Condition.encounter
Set<Obs> groupMembers:: not mapped
Location location :: not mapped
Date dateCreated :: Condition.dateAsserted
Date obsDatetime :: not mapped
Obs obsGroup:: not mapped
Integer obsId :: not mapped
Order order :: not mapped (at least for now)
Person person :: if person.isPatient Condition.patient
Integer personId :: not mapped
static long serialVersionUID :: not mapped
Concept valueCoded :: not mapped
ConceptName valueCodedName :: not mapped
String valueComplex :: not mapped
Date valueDatetime :: not mapped
Drug valueDrug :: not mapped
Integer valueGroupId :: not mapped
String valueModifier :: not mapped
Double valueNumeric :: not mapped
String valueText::  not mapped

Example FHIR Condition Resource

Shown below is a fleshed out FHIR Condition Resource.
FHIR Condition Resource

Available RESTful web services for the Condition Resource supported by the API

Read (GET Request)

Returns a FHIR Condition resource identified by a Condition UUID


  • Returns a FHIR condition resource if the specified Condition exists
  • Returns an Operation Outcome resource with a 404 error message if the specified Condition does not exist
Search (GET Request)

Search condition by given id

Delete (DELETE Request)
Will delete a Condition with given id
PUT(Update Request)
/ws/fhir/Condition/{id} or

Send condition resource in PUT request body for given URI specified with resource Id will update existing resource while request going

to URI which doesn't have a URI will create a resource.

POST (Post Request)
Create a Condition Resource for the given representation.
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