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  • This page documents the implementation of the FHIR Composition resource (DSTU2) for the OpenMRS FHIR Module

  • The FHIR Composition Resource represents a set of healthcare-related information that is assembled together into a single logical document that provides a single coherent statement of meaning, establishes its own context and that has clinical attestation with regard to who is making the statement.
  •  For more information on the FHIR Composition  resource, please refer

Populating the FHIR Composition Resource 

Shown below is how attributes of the FHIR Composition Resource map to the attributes of the OpenMRS Composition object. The left side of the relationship indicates the OpenMRS attribute; the right indicates the FHIR Composition resource mapping.

Integer uuid :: not mapped
Date encounterDatetime ::
Patient patient :: Encounter.subject
Integer patientId :: not mapped 
Set<EncounterProvider> encounterProviders ::
Location location :: Composition.section
EncounterType encounterType : not mapped
Set<Order> orders :: not mapped
Visit visit :: not mapped

Set<Obs> obs :: Composition.section


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