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The pages under here were once ?Unassigned Projects and then became ?Active Projects, and finally were finished and so have been dropped here.  These pages are not meant to be an end-all documentation, but instead are just a historical account of the design and working processes.  (There are some people that like to read those sorts of things).  Each page should have a link to the final documentation or code outcome from the project.

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Page: Additional Attributes on Concept Map (Design Page) Page: Add Location Attributes Page: Administration Tools for OpenMRS 2.0 Page: Atlas Module 2.0 Project Page: Atlas Module (Design Page) Page: Better Error Submission Process for FDBK Module Page: Chart Search Page: Chart Search for the Reference Application Page: Concept Management Tools App for Our New Reference Application Page: Concept Proposal Client and Server Page: Database Message Properties Module (Design Page) Page: Data Comparison Module Page: Data Integrity Workflow Module Page: Data Synchronization Project Page: De-Identified Patient Data Export Page: Developer and Implementer Documentation Improvements Page: Ebola Page: Enabling SMART Apps in OpenMRS Page: Encounter Audit Module Page: Enhanced Web Services (Design Page) Page: Enhance Module Maven Archetype (Design Page) Page: ETL/Predictive Modeling Across Multiple Platforms Page: Extended Concept Model Requirements Page: Hl7Query Roadmap Page: HL7 Output (Design Page) Page: IHE Interoperability - Patient Administration Management Page: Implementing Novel Features to Improve De-duplication User Experience Page: Improvements to the HL7Query Module Page: Improving Mobile Development Page: Intuitive User Interfaces for Report Designer Page: Localization of Initial Setup and Update Wizards Page: Logic Web Service Page: Longitudinal Data Viewer Page: Merge Concepts Module Page: Metadata Sharing Project Page: Metadata Sharing Project (round 2) Page: Migrating to DVCS Page: MoTeCH Integration (Design Page) Page: Multiple providers per encounter (Design Page) Page: Multi Searching across databases Page: OpenMRS 2.x SDK Page: OpenMRS Android Client - GSoC 2016 Page: OpenMRS-DHIS2-SDMX-HD Integration Page: OpenMRS ID Platform Improvements Page: OpenMRS Lite Module Page: OpenMRS SDK Page: OpenMRS TRACNet integration (Design Page) Page: Operation Theater Module Page: Patient Dashboard Tabs Loaded via AJAX Page: Tribe Module Project Page: Universal Search Box (Design Page) Page: Update HTMLFormEntry WYSIWYG Editor Page: Use Form Schemas in HTML Form Entry Page: Validation Module Enhancements Page: REST Documentation Generator Project Page: Atlas 3.0 Project Page: Enhance Patient Matching Module Project Page: FHIR Swagger Document generator and enhancements Page: DHISReport DHIS2 WebAPI Project Page: Cohort Module Enhancements Page: OpenMRS 2.x Installer module Page: OpenMRS RegaDB Integration Page: Patient Matching Module Strategy Enhancements Page: Radiology Reporting Enhancement Page: Add Support for Open Web Apps Page: API Support for Order Entry (Design Page) Page: Appointment Module Page: Built-In Reports - Reference Application Page: Anonymous Patient Registration Project Documentation