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General Info

Topic: Cohort Builder Sprint 15

Leads:  Daniel Kayiwa

Kickoff Meeting Date and Time:

Start Date: 01-11-2017

End Date: 15-11-2017



CB-156Implement better screen flow/transition on search form.
CB-158Concept/Observation -  On numeric concept ("Weight (kg)”), ’Enter value in kg’  field; should produce results for the value entered in the field.
CB-159Concept/Observation -  On numeric concept ("Weight (kg)”), on selecting current date brings 0(zero) results.
CB-160Concept/Observation -  On numeric concept ("Weight (kg)”), query description does not specify the constraints applied to a query in search history.
CB-163Form resets when the Search button is clicked
CB-164Adding version number to bundled OWA file name


Review from the previous sprint

What was not finished:

The implementation of the screen flow on the search form for the different components was not completed.

Some tasks on the functionality of the fields in the Concept-Observation component were not completed


How to Participate 

Add your name to the list on this wiki page (with any comments about your availability). If you want to join after the sprint has started just join the IRC channel: #openmrs , and say hello.

The general process: 

  1. New to OpenMRS sprints? Want help getting started? Join IRC  on the #openmrs channel, and say "???": I'd like to participate in Cohort Builder sprint 15!”. If you get no response, just ping any of the above sprint participants as per the IRC tips at
  2. Set Up. See our HOWTO for how to set up on git, how to make a PR, and a few other cool tips to get you all set and ready to start participating in the sprint. Feel free to reach out to any of the participants listed above, for help on setting up where unclear(We are happy to help!).
  3. Pick a ticket from the available tickets in the left  side of the sprint dashboard page at: 
     Make sure it does not depend on a ticket that is incomplete.
  4.  If you have any questions about the ticket, ask on the group chat.  
  5. Join the daily scrum to share your updates

Other Resources

JIRA Board: Cohort Builder OWA Board

GitHub Repo: OpenMRS Cohort Builder OWA Repo

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