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2014 Internship Project

This project is being considered as a potential project for 2014 Internships. If you are a potential intern and are interested in working on this project, please discuss it in detail with the mentor(s) listed here before submitting your internship proposal.


One of the most useful aspects of an electronic medical record system is data retrieval. While OpenMRS has some mature tools for data collection and reporting, we still need a good tool for rapid perusal of patient data. Jonathan Cummins has created a Chart Search tool for Regenstrief that uses SOLR to provide powerful, sub-second Google-like searching of a patient's record. The goal of this project is to build the first version of Chart Search for the OpenMRS Reference Application platform.

Project Champions

Burke Mamlin

Jonathan Cummins

Zhaslan Doschanov


  • Create a Chart Search module for the OpenMRS Reference Application
  • Embed Apache Lucene for indexing of documents
  • Create a process to index all patient data (visits, encounter, observations)
  • Create an initial UI for searching and filtering patient data

Extra Credit

  • Model the addition of data to the index in a manner that allows other modules to contribute their data
  • Create a migration pathway for people starting with Chart Search and embedded Lucene to migrate to a separate SOLR server


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  1. Chart search is really amazing. What sort of requirements are needed to work on this Daniel?

  2. Akshika Wijesundara have you read and listened to all the above resoures?

  3. Daniel Kayiwa Hey! I  found this project intersting and would like to spend my summer while working on this (smile)

    As I have already work on the index generation and the searching on the 40GB wikipedia data as my academic project.
    But yes, I have done everything using java without using Tool.

    I have gone through the video given as the first link, I get some information from that as the voice was not very clear to me but yes I get the basic information out of that and I have also through Midterm presentation at YouTube and get some idea what work done last year.

    I think the lateral links are recently added.

    Presenlty I am working openmrs-core module and we have the separate module for the Reference Application.
    So, what would you suggest me to continue my work on openmrs-core for sometime and then start working on the Reference Application or should I start working now on the Reference Application module part ?

  4. Gaurav Agrawal have you done any openmrs tickets? If yes, around how many?

  5. Daniel Kayiwa I am working on my first openmrs ticket and also looking into the code for some code quality aspects.
    So, you mean firstly I should done with some of the openmrs ticket, right ?

  6. Gaurav Agrawal every one can talk on the mailing list, have a huge and impressive cv, but not every one can actually do tickets. (smile)

  7. Thanks a lot Daniel Kayiwa for adding more resources on this project, for the past days i have as well been going through this project's resources with a complete thought that it is a project that can better give me a best GSoC experience this year, and as Gaurav Agrawal i must as well confess that some audio was quite unclear within the openmrs university recordings, but am now trying to go through the new resources as quickly as i can, So-far am cloning the SOLR module so i can get a better test of it,soon and very soon i will get back after setting up the module and exploring it

    regards to all (smile)

  8. This is indeed a very useful project to the openmrs community, can i know Daniel Kayiwa how is this project different from the chart search project for last year's GSoC that was done by Zhaslan Doschanov?

    They look exactly familiar and i want to know whether it is because we didn't have all we expected out of last GSoC chart search project or this is a continuation of last year's GSoC project since they both have the same objectives!!!

    However to me it looks like the difference so far is that in this project we are creating a module for the reference application which is really very neccessary, is there any other differences so-far besides this?

    Otherwise i already installed the referenceApp and doing some few trouble-shootings here and there to have it successfully run,

    I also installed the SOLR module and explored it's UI features (smile)

  9. Kaweesi Joseph this is about integrating that work in the new OpenMRS Reference Application. So yes we are going to reuse some of the work done during the last GSOC and also add more, as will be required to make it running smoothly in the reference application. In otherwards, as you play with that module in the old/legacy openmrs, envision yourself playing with it in the new reference application which has a new user interface paradigm and some different development conventions. Does this answer you completely? Or do you still have some un answered questions?

  10. YES Daniel, that answers my question, thanks (smile)

  11. Hi Daniel ,

    I am Kesha Shah, a third year undergraduate from DA-IICT, India. I was a Google Summer of Code student previous year, as well as Google Code-In mentor with BRL-CAD [1]. I had studied courses like software engineering, operating systems and database systems and familiar with Java, C++ and MySQL. I am currently working on BioNLP - Patient-centric eHealth information Retrieval, which is a part of CLEF eHealth 2014 task 3 [2]. I am particuarly interested in medical domain- like using technology for making medical data easily accessible and available, which is why I am particularly interested in contributing to OpenMRS. I looked through the list of projects and found this project interesting. I would like to work on this module. Due to exams at my university, I know its late to introduce myself. I hope it shouldn't affect much. Yesterday, I have set up the OpenMRS development environment on my machine and now referring to OpenMRS developer's guide. I am on my way to solve first ticket. Can I have your email/irc nick?


  12. Thanks Kesha for the interest to work on OpenMRS!!!

    May IRC name is: dkayiwa

  13. By the way, we have in days past already released version 1.0 of this project, you can look it Chart Search Module to test out the module (smile)