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Primary mentor

Rafal Korytkowski

Backup mentor

Stephen Senkomago Musoke

Assigned to

Jude Niroshan



The OpenMRS Reference Application comes with the Reporting module, which is a powerful tool for creating reports, however it does not provide any reports out of the box.

The goal of this project is to provide basic reporting and give some insight into your data.

E.g. listing all patients seen today, broken down by demographics, place of origin (based on address), encounter types, encounter locations, diagnoses, etc.  

We will also want to visualize data using charts. 

When working on this project, you will get a chance to develop the whole web stack and get a good grasp of back-end and front-end technologies. Your work will be included in Reference Application, which is deployed in hundreds of facilities around the world! 


Project Champions

Skills Needed

  • Java
  • Hibernate, SQL
  • AngularJS or ReactJS


Extra Credit

  • Implement warnings for metrics meeting customizable conditions, e.g. increased number of a certain diagnosis in a defined period, increased number of dispensed drugs, too many patients being admitted for available personnel, etc.



1 Comment

  1. James Arbaugh, I've listed you among project champions hoping you would be interested in using the module and being the product owner providing feedback when we iterate over UI. Please let me know, if you are interested in joining efforts and if it would be a useful tool for you. Also do you have any list of reports you would like to see included in Reference Application off hand?