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The work described on this page was completed and released as the Appointment Scheduling Module (1.0 release in 2014).


Appointment Module


Although many clinics in developing countries have traditionally seen patients on a first-come first-served basis, the ability to schedule patients for future visits is becoming increasingly important. The motivators for this include respecting patients' schedules, varying provider schedules, improved continuity of care, and more. Currently this feature set does not exist in the core of OpenMRS and existing modules are not sufficient or still supported. 


The objective of this project is to build two modules:

  1. A reference UI that allows the clinic administrator to define when resources (doctors, locations, equipment, etc) are available and allows clinic staff to make patient appointments for these times.
  2. An expandable API module that other implementations can build from.


  1. Integrate into the existing OpenMRS data model wherever possible
  2. Integration with a patient queuing so that Appointments can be transferred onto the patient queues for their booked resources on the day of appointment

Future Ideas

  • SMS appointment reminders
  • Multi-lingual self-serve kiosk for patients to book appointments


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  1. I've attached a requirements document for the scheduling system that Lebox ( another company I work with created.  The only caveat is that it's in spanish.  
    It's attached to the scheduling issue Visit Scheduling or Queueing here ERS Takyon Agenda médica (combinado Quintec y generico).docx