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Background and strategic fit

One of the key opportunities for greater collaboration within the OpenMRS community is around reporting through ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load). This was underscored during discussions at OMRS19. It’s difficult to do modern analytics on OpenMRS data. The manual process of designing and developing ETL queries is time-consuming, complex, and is being tackled one implementation at a time.


  • Pick one concrete problem to solve
  • An output that is general, that most implementations can use. (Since inputs are so different by organization.)

3-4 Specific Problems/Use Cases to tackle with intermediate data handling:

  1. 10 metrics from PEPFAR MER Indicators
  2. Viral Load Indicators: e.g. Ampath project to consider other metrics in correlation with VL; PVLIs (Pt Viral Load Indicators)
  3. Getting data out of OMRS is challenging - Mekom's DB Sync work looking at that 
  4. ...?

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