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  • twiingThis page documents the implementation of the FHIR AllergyIntolerance resource (DSTU2) for the OpenMRS FHIR Module

  • Allergy or Intolerance; a propensity, or a potential risk to an individual, to have an adverse reaction on future exposure to the specified substance, or class of substance.
  • For more information on the FHIR Person resource, please refer

Populating the FHIR AllergyIntolerance Resource 

Shown below is how attributes of the FHIR Person Resource map to the attributes of the OpenMRS Person object. The left side of the relationship indicates the OpenMRS attribute; the right indicates the FHIR Person resource mapping.

AllergyIntolerance Representation

Shown below is a fleshed out FHIR AllergyIntolerance Resource.


   "resourceType": "AllergyIntolerance",
   "id": "249d8c08-f453-4e7d-a46d-f68659e7d9e7",
   "recordedDate": "2015-03-31T00:00:00",
   "subject": {
      "reference": "Patient/dd9a7551-1691-11df-97a5-7038c432aabf",
      "display": "John Shavola(Identifier:7279MP-4)"
   "substance": {
      "coding": [
            "system": "",
            "code": "be4d5acd-1691-11df-97a5-7038c432aabf",
            "display": "AMYLASE"
   "criticality": "unassessible"


Available RESTful web services for the Person Resource supported by the API

GET Requests

Read (GET Request)

Returns a FHIR AllergyIntolerance resource identified by a openmrs allergy UUID


  • Returns a FHIR AllergyIntolerance resource if the specified allergy exists
  • Returns an Operation Outcome resource with a 404 error message if the specified allergy does not exist
Search (GET Request)
/ws/fhir/AllergyIntolerance?_id={id}Returns a list of FHIR AllergyIntolerance resources identified by a allergy UUID
/ws/fhir/AllergyIntolerance?patient.identifier={identifier}Search allergies belongs to the patient specified in the identifier
/ws/fhir/AllergyIntolerance?{name}Search allergies belongs to the patient specified by the name


POST Requests

None to date

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