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OpenMRS Class: Allergy (mapped to FHIR AllergyIntollerance)

OpenMRS fieldDB fieldFHIR field

patient : openmrs.Patient

patient_id : INT(11)

patient : Reference

severity : Concept

severity_concept_id : INT(11)

criticality : AllergyIntoleranceCriticality

allergen.codedAllergen : Concept

coded_allergen : INT(11)

code : CodeableConcept

allergen.nonCodedAllergen : String

non_coded_allergen : varchar(255)

code.text : String

allergen.allergenType : AlergenType

allergen_type : varchar(50)

category : AllergyIntoleranceCategory

comment : String

comment : varchar(1024)

entry in note : List<Annotation>

reactions : List<AllergyReaction>

separate table: allergy_reaction

reaction: List<AllergyIntollerationReactionComponent>

uuid : String

uuid : char(38)

id : IdType

OpenMRS Class: AllergyReaction (mapped to FHIR AllergyIntollerationReactionComponent)

OpenMRS fieldDB fieldFHIR field
reaction : Conceptreaction_concept_id : INT(11)entry in manifestation : List<CodeableConcept>
reactionNonCoded : Stringreaction_non_coded : varchar(255)text value from entry in manifestation : List<CodeableConcept>
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