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General Information

Team Lead: Daniel Kayiwa

Sprint Lead: Herman Sifuna


Start date:  

End date: 


Sprint Board

Key Summary T Created Updated Due Assignee Reporter P Status Resolution
AOM-52 Add a switch to filter display by OWA or OMOD type New Feature 2017-10-09 2017-10-09 Unassigned Herman Sifuna TBD Needs Assessment Unresolved
AOM-51 Inform users of updates on OWA addons Task 2017-10-07 2017-10-09 Unassigned Jedidiah Omadoye TBD Needs Assessment Unresolved
AOM-50 More descriptive information when installing already existing addons Task 2017-10-07 2017-10-11 Jedidiah Omadoye Jedidiah Omadoye Should Closed Fixed
AOM-48 Enable cross browser resource sharing when doing add-on installation after search. Bug 2017-10-05 2017-10-09 Unassigned Paul Upendo Must Closed Won't Fix
AOM-47 Fix search description bug Bug 2017-10-04 2017-10-09 Unassigned Jedidiah Omadoye Should Ready for Work Unresolved
AOM-35 Implement drag and drop feature for the OWA upload section New Feature 2017-09-25 2017-10-16 Herman Sifuna Suthagar Kailayapathy Could Code Review (Initial) Unresolved


JIRA board: Add On Management Sprint 3

Github repo: openmrs-owa-addonmanager


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