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These are currently active OpenMRS-related projects that are being worked upon. Some of them are in initial stage while some have been completed to a major extend. Browse through each project's page to get more information about that. If you want to know more about a project, want to contribute towards any aspect of it: write to us on talk thread of that page or create a new topic on Talk.

Documenting a Project

If you are working on certain project, Project page should at least include a description of the project, the person(s) working on the project, the person(s) overseeing the project, link(s) to wiki pages or related resources, and names of any champions or interested parties.  We encourage anyone involved (or interested in) a project to "watch" their project page – i.e., select Tools ? Watch Page from the wiki's menu in order to receive e-mail notifications of comments or edits.

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