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Page: Add On Management OWA Page: CamEMR Page: Chart Search for the Reference Application - Phase 2 Page: Cohort Builder 2.0 Page: Cohort Module Page: Condition List (Design Page) Page: Configurable Clinical Summary Page: Consuming FHIR Resources for OpenMRS Page: Data Aggregation Module Page: Database Synchronization with Symmetric DS Page: Data Import using eSaude Data Migration Tool Page: Distro Tools Maven Plugin Page: Dynamic List Entry Tags and Widgets Page: Emergency Department Triage Application Page: Epic - Reference Application Page: Execute Database Updates Module (Design Page) Page: Expanding on Coded Value Sources in obs Page: General Feedback Mechanism (Design Page) Page: GSoC 2012 - HTML Form Entry Module Enhancements Page: GSOC 2011 Localization of initial setup and update wizard Page: Human Resources Module Page: Implement the OAuth2 Support for Web Services APIs Page: Improved Person Attribute Types Page: In-page Localization (Design Page) Page: Integrate Registration Module with a Master Patient Index Page: JavaScript Ecosystem Page: Laboratory Information System Interoperability (Design Page) Page: Laboratory Module Page: Message Delivery Triggered by Conditions within OpenMRS Page: Metadata Sharing Server Project Page: Migration of Legacy UI to the module Page: Module to Allow Attribute Value to Be Latest obs of a Specified Concept Page: OCL Subscription Module (Design Page) Page: OpenHMIS Pharmacy Module Page: OpenMRS 2.x Android Client Page: OpenMRS CDA Generator Page: OpenMRS - DHIS2 - ADX - Reporting Page: OpenMRS FHIR Module Page: OpenMRS FHIR Module - Initial design Page: OpenMRS HL7Query Module Design Page Page: OpenMRS ID v2.1 Platform Improvements Page: OpenMRS iOS Client Extensions Page: OpenMRS Modules Project Page: OpenMRS-OpenERP Integration Page: OpenMRS Support for the OHDSI Project Page: Overhaul the User Management dashboard for ID Dashboard Page: Patient Narratives Upload Page: Pentaho ETL and Designs for Dimensional Modeling (Design Page, R&D) Page: Populating Active Lists (Design Page) Page: Project Liga Dominicana Contra el Cancer Page: Queueing, Especially Patient Queues Page: Reminders for the Messaging Module Page: Service Delivery Module Page: Support Laboratory Data Exchange with FHIR Page: Sync 2.0 Page: System Performance and Utilization Module Page: Undernutrition Page: Update HTMLFormEntry for field suggestion and recall Page: XML Reports