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There are two usability testing guides, the Full Length Guide, and the Abbreviated Guide.

Please read the Full Length Guide first. The abbreviated guide may be helpful if you require a shorter script in order to do brief testing of a single feature or task, often with a user who has been involved in usability testing before.

1.  Friendly Welcome

This is shortened, as it is assumed the user may have been involved in user testing before.

Thanks for participating in our usability research.  We’re constantly trying to make your work easier by improving the electronic medical record, (insert name of your EHR).

If they have not signed the consent form previously, please include this. If they have already signed it, this can be left out:  To help other team members benefit from your comments today, it is customary for us to record these sessions. Please read this form, and sign if you agree with the statement. (Link to: Consent Form)

If they sign the sheet, start the recording, and then say: Thank you, I am now turning the recording on.

We'll be looking at some prototypes today, and I'd like you to tell me how you react to them as you think of things during the task. Please say out loud your thoughts, so that I can understand what you are thinking.

Since I didn't design the prototype, you won't hurt my feelings or flatter me. In fact, honest, candid feedback is most helpful.

If you do get stuck, I'm going to try to not help you get unstuck. It's very helpful for me to see how you try to get unstuck - as if you were using the product on your own. But don't worry - I'll help you if you get completely stuck.

The most important thing to remember is that I am not testing you, but the prototypes. Some of the links may not work quite right, and I'll let you know. Don't worry, you can't break them. All the patient information is fake. 

Do you have any questions before we begin?

2.  Context Questions

Context questions may have been skipped for time constraints.

If very short on time, please at least ask about their job, e.g. "What type of work do you do here?" and perhaps "How could the electronic medical record make your work easier?"

3.  Tasks

Specific tasks will be provided for each prototype.

(Insert usability tasks here)

4.  Debrief

The debrief will be shortened because of time.

5.  Cool Down & End

Summarize the session briefly for the user.

This has been incredibly helpful.

[Briefly summarize key points.]

Your input is really valuable for me and the team as we think about the next steps for these ideas.

I really appreciate your time. Thank you



See for more details the OpenMRS Usability Testing Full Length Guide.

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