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Weekly Squad Call Info

Thursdays at 4pm UTC / 9:30pm IST/ 7pm EAT / 5pm CET / 11am ET / 8am PT  (GCal link here)

(lightbulb) Join link:

(question) Slack Channel:

To Address Next Squad Call

  1. Tech topics:
    1. Who will take on the iframing for HFE forms?
    2. Update on appointments (low priority) - adding in a few slots for appointments

UX Design Topics Parking Lot

(lightbulb)Things to discuss on a UX/product design call, outside of squad calls(lightbulb)

  • ....
  • 3.0.1:
    • RDE: Start Past Visit - then every action I do within that visit should reflect for that past visit, right? Or...?
    • Grace - TALK If DOB unknown, but have Age Estimate - set DOB to Jan 1 or June 1?
    • Better Error Page: "Oops!" MF-808 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • Active Visits: Duplicated, not ended
    • Header: show multiple active visits
    • Start Visit form: show all active visits
    • Warning: prevent visit from being started if one of those of the same type is already active
    • Design for deceased patient
    • Design for deceased patientPagination 
    • Grace Need to confirm what the workflow should be if you see this warning modal when you try to leave the patient chart when you have an incomplete form, and that incomplete form has _required fields_ still incomplete (i.e. you can't just auto-save the form) (I am assuming that clicking "Save" would exit the modal back to the form, but auto-scroll down to show the required fields the way we currently show them in the registration page)  (this decision should be updated in MF-709 and MF-708)
  • Grace Design for Offline-related notifications! (Slack convo here)
  • 3.0.1/SWR Implications: Design for "Loading / Stale but Updating
  • Feedback button idea for 3.0 Demo

  • F/U Shortening lab results timeline if there isn't 5 years of data
  • F/U JON T: Alerts inbox as a Global Action: Always available in Global Nav. Need examples of other patient/system notifications.
  • UX to show which lists Agnes is a part of

Architecture Design Topics Parking Lot

(warning)Things to discuss on a architectural design call, outside of squad calls(warning)

  • Need to microfrontend-ize the OCL Module, b/c right now it requires the OWA Module. 
  • Arch Design: How to control user access to things like Attachments, Encounters
  • Need to suggest workflow to Orders (if not included in forms)
  • Packages
  • Designs - David
  • Form Recordability: Realistic clinician workflow: form → updating conditions. All should be form-recordable (e.g. conditions). Starting with associating with encounter; how do you know which condition was added first - should see in the order that you collected them, and see where .
    • entering widget content through form;
    • seeing widget content in form;
    • vs in-line versions of widgets in forms
    • Seeing known patient info as an option to pick from when doing forms (cool!)

Grounding Priorities




Integrate MFE into PIH distro using new dev tooling, how config plugs in / can be provided by different sites

Use 3.0 distro layout Mekom set up

Meeting Notes


2022-01-Design Call

In-chart Notifications 

Opening Forms from Form icon

Clinical views

2022-01-20 Squad Call

Videos /)

New PR approval strategy - JJ approving small things so quickly unblocked

New Wellness program (tongue)

2022-01-17: Design Call

Attendees: Grace P, Ciaran, Wamz, JJ, Jonathan T, Eric A, Eric K, Jacob Odhiambo, Keziah, Kote, Lousa, Irene N

Priority Topic: Consensus Left Nav patterns

Back/Next vs continuous scroll


Attendees: Grace P, Donald, Jonathan T, Lars, Arthur Mugume, Brandon, Burke, Ciaran, David, Dennis, Irene, Jayasanka, JJ, Pius, Pasindu, Burke, Jonathan Odora, Eudson, Lilian Mathu



  • Ampath pilot
  • Left Nav Bar
  • Forms Designs - Form Embedded view: Showing extensions in a form/form-based workflow: e.g. Allergies, Conditions, Orders (most complex)
    • Next steps for Embedding Info: week or so for adapting to tablet
    • Mockup in progress for "view" of completed clinical form
    • Todo for Paul & Ciaran: Need to sync Back and Next vs continuous scroll
  • Orders strategy
  • Designer Onboarding
  • Ideas for Product Design session conventions in 2022

Need to implement toggle for Timeline/


Proposal by Brandon, Ian & Jayasanka: Running tests in dockerized image of OMRS3 instead of in the environment. 



Meeting 23?


  • OHRI Dispensing Update presentation by Paul:  
  • Agreement re. this navigation style between pages outside of the patient chart (proposal and slack thread here)
  • Plan for Theming 3.x!
  • Plan to Move onto Dev3/O3 pipeline; Deprecate openmrs-spa environment O3-955 - Getting issue details... STATUS  
    • We are blocked by CI
    • Things aren't being released properly
    • O3 needs updating - versions of most things need updating (because CI has been broken)



Attendees: Emmanuel, Dimitri, Cynthia, Dennis, Grace, Donald, Eric A, Eric K, Eudson Bambo, Jayasanka, Jonathan Teich, Manuel, Paul A, Piru, Sonia, Karunarathna, Vineet, 

Welcome Sonia Madureira, BA from ICRC

Emmaneul demo'd: Ability to create and show reporting components within the form. flexible pattern

manuel: Generally the main issues that I talked about last week (finalize cache invalidation and upgrade modules to new offline APIs). While looking into the cache invalidation I realized that updating the current mechanism might also benefit from some other changes, mainly moving the responsiblity of managing the cache out of the service worker and into the main app (though I must say that I'm still looking into it right now - I also want to sync with Florian about this tomorrow). Once these things stand, we can adapt the offline tools to the new behavior and then I'll publish the PR for these new features. Afterwards I'll tackle migrating the patient chart widgets to the new API(s).

2021-11-08 Design Call

Attendees: Ciaran, David, Grace, Keziah, Kote, Lousa, Burke

  • Next steps: 3 more test users of service delivery queues & new clinical views navigation this week. 
  • Welcome Keziah, Lousa, Kote from KenyaEMR/Palladium team
  • Drug Dispensing designs first draft now ready for feedback on Miro: David & Grace to review and provide feedback for Paul this week. 
  • NCD Workflow User Testing:
    • n=1 at moment, more planned. Findings from interivew with user "C", a clinician:
    • Used to having form driving experience - form was her workflow guide
    • Last visit information outside of patient chart (in list) wasn't really useful, confusing. Ciaran interested to hear what a registration clerk/first person wants to see. 
    • Nice to see vitals - e.g. to see why they've been marked as emergency. But would rather go into patient chart to go through more information from previous visits. 
    • Metrics: Wouldn't expect to use in her day to day work (maybe different if clinical implications?)
  • Word Clinical Views didn't immediately make sense; made sense after explanation
  • Altered Clinical Views design:
    • Liked seeing actions completed by others and recommended
    • Felt she was consuming a lot of historical information; whereas she's used to the form guiding her current-time workflow. Used to seeing current meds within the form workflow. Renewing meds from that form. 
    • Liked Medication short-form
    • Wants to see program overview page first, then go straight into a form

2021-11-01 Design Call

Attendees: Ciaran, Grace, JJ (Ampath), David (PIH), Lousa (Palladium), Wamz (UCSF)

Ciaran Design Work Updates

  • User Research & Workflow design with NCD clinicians from Ampath & PIH



Attendees: Manuel, Vineet, Brandon, Ian, Burke, Bett, Dennis, Dimitri, Eric, Eudson, Jayasanka, Jonathan T, Grace P, Kumuditha Karunarathna, Nirupa, Pasindu, Piru Pius, Piumal, Samuel M, Settimba, Sonia Madureira, Suruchi, Tendo, Walter, Eric

Offline Mode: enter pt data - updates (Manuel)

Pt Lists: updates (Vineet)

Frontend Automated Tests (Jayasanka)


Attendees: Nirupa Bottu, Piru Pius, Ruth Keitany, Suruchi Dhungana, Vineet, Walter Kiprono, Walton, Jonathan Teich, Grace Potma, Ciaran, Burke, Alex Kemboi, Brandon, Dimitri, Eric A, Eudson, Ian, Joshua Nsereko, Lars, Manuel, Maureen

2021-10-14: Special 3.0.0 Release Workshop

Together we went through the process of setting up 3.0.0, our first official Demo Distribution release. We covered:

  • Demo environment: Set up our new Demo environment at
  • How to update the new Dev Environment and the new Demo Environment builds
  • How we'll track issues for future releases
  • Plan for SPA Site: We will take down the SPA website. Though for now the esm assets are hosted in spa's digital ocean. 
  • How we release frontend modules: Releasing the latest ESMs (thanks to @Brandon Istenes for doing some prep work to walk us through this)

Questions for us to resolve:

When do we do releases of the ESMs/frontend modules? Do we have designated Release Managers who make sure version numbers are assigned etc?

What's their 



Attendees: Grace P, Vineet, Brandon, Dennies, Derrick, Dimitri, Donald, Eric K, Josua Nsereko, Manu, Reagan, Settimba, Walter Kiprono

  • Grace to send questions/clean-up tasks to Ciaran (e.g. 404 page, Offline mode notifications, Registration Page design)
  • PIH Rwanda is developing their own first version of a microfrontend with some support from Brandon
  • PIH Mexico interested in adopting 3.x Patient Chart. Gap Analysis almost complete
  • Demos:


2021-09-30 - uses the "Next" version of each ESM

OpenMRS 3.0 Micro Frontend Demo Page 

Review 3.0.0 blockers: 3.0 Demo Release - 2021-10-13


Attendees: Grace, Brandon & David (PIH), Burke, Ciaran & JJ & Eric (Ampath), Beth Dunbar (ITECH), Jonathan Teich

Implementer Tools update: 

  • Allowing "Add page"


  • NCD kick off call plan?

  • Missing Fx:

    • Workflow to check for duplicate patients (and need to be able to click into that patient chart to check demographics, e.g. that phone # matches)

    • Unenroll from Program (design similar to Medications?)
    • Create patient - After registering patient, should user see option to go to patient chart?

2021-09-23 Squad Call


SWR now added to most patient chart widgets. Needs to be added individually. 

Donald - basic appointments

Updated 3.x Dev Guide that includes the direct link to the Design Pattern Guidance for devs:

  • 3.0.0 MVP Launch Plan - Let's ship this thing ASAP!   JJ & Eric & I have been down-scoping it - the only blockers left are the Jira tickets specifically logged as "Blockers". List here of the *10* Jira Tickets/blockers we need to prioritize getting done.
  • Follow up on last week's design issues that were raised
  • Exciting new updates to the Implementer Tools UI - this is a big milestone towards making our 3.x EMR configurable by non-technical end users! We'll do a bit of a deep-dive into this tooling


Search box tech requirements: Search by concept name, synonym; ideally mapping IDs as well. CIEL 5630 PIH 5630 (add to 

Should we add UI to add JSON code (Upload button)? Or does that not make sense - upload at time of startup. Make change on server vs make change on fly - eventually have to go back and change on server. So next time recycled, not overwritten. 

Zeplin link to dev guide

2021-09-16: Squad call

Attendees: Ciaran, Grace, Alex Kemboi, Arthur Mugume, Brandon, Burke, Cynthia, Derrick, Dimitri, Emmanuel, Eric,A, Eric K, Florian, Herbert Oketayot, Jonathan Teich, Lars, Manu, Maureen, Piru, Settimba, Vineet, Walter Kiprono

Offline Actions demo by Manu: 

A lot of CSS customizations spread everywhere. Need strategy for both Designers and Devs

We are re-doing the same custom CSS styling in many places; introducing hacks to Carbon Components in many places. Missing ruleset. Without ruleset, thigns will always be repeated. 

High-level rules & patterns

High-level documentation explaining/introducing high-level concepts (like siderail etc)

TODO: Add Styleguide Project

Widget-level components

ready made component(this requires documentation from tech team too), it can save upon writing the same code snippet again and again.

TODO: Fully fledged table pattern (with pagination etc)

TODO: Content Switcher pattern

TODO: Tiles

TODO: ID what's most duplicated at the moment & improve those. ID re-used atomic components and make available in esm-styleguide

Atomic Individual small components (buttons etc)

Available in Zeplin Styleguide

Guidance sometimes being missed; devs not always referencing components & associated CSS. They are being adapted for each example where they're being used. (e.g. changing in Vitals widget, changing in Visits widget). 

Reuseable Components that can be copy-pasted: Can link Style Guide components to Code Components. 

Procedure1x month design call to prep things for sprint, ensure design CSS guidance is clear; devs inform the work

* Dennis: OpenMRS 3.0 colour palette into a set of SASS variables

Burke: "Wouldn’t we want to use CSS names based on purpose (rather than color) in most places?"

Florian feedback: "Having the colors named is a great start, but we should avoid making direct references to it. Instead they should be put in context using a theme-specific variable name ("purpose-named"). This would make it more easy to refactor / update later and also make the usage more clear imho."

2021-09-13: Design call

Points of feedback on Lab Entry MVP:

  • Question spacing
  • Option for "Undetectable"
  • Filters within results 
  • Better to show today’s date in the field instead of leaving it blank and assuming the user will know the business logic.
  • Better if date could be applied throughout rather than for each result

PIH Viral Load use case: 


Plan to optimize data: e.g. taking 40MB to load. Causing issues for Cypress testing too. 

→ getting things from service worker. 

  • Reduce bundle size of all ESMs. Need to look into size of large (>1MB) MFs one by one: Most likely an import that shouldn't be there (e.g. over-import of carbon components, icons). Individual issues. 
  • Maybe make Rests.CSS file from carbon a shared resource, and see if there's other resources that make sense to make a shared resource. 
  • Introduce specific limits & warnings if you exceed the previous bundle size by some threshold - so you'd see at time of PR if you were having an inordinate impact. via GitHub Actions. 
  • Of course everything is being called because need it for offline mode readiness. Could change this by having offline mode be opt-in
  • Ensure what's written in slack makes it in to tickets

  • Need realistic Real-world testing before much action taken - Grace f/u with Eric A for site visit testing; use in the field and see how much is used

Dennis to get PR for getting SWR into patient chart.


Attendees: FLorian, Donald, Manuel, Alex Kemboi, Arthur Mugume, Brandon, Grace, Jonathan Teich, Cynthia, Daniel, Emmanuel Nyachoke, Eric K, Herbert Oketayot, Ian, Joshua Nsereko, Lars, Maureen, Piru, Romain, Suruchi


  • Manuel: Offline mode
  • Florian: back button now supported for login workflow
  • Donald: Lab results widget, Progress notification in workspace sidebar
  • Maureen: Vitals widget Trendline design improvements 

Issue raised: Need way to order Labs (Romain). 



Attendees: Brandon, Jayasanka, Alex Kemboi, Cynthia, Daniel, Derrick, Dimitri, Donald, Emmanuel, Eric A, Eric K, Eudson, Grace P, Lars, Manuel, Maureen Nduta, Michael Van Hese, Piru Pius, Romain, Samuel, Settimba, Suruchi, Vineet, Walter K, Burke

Jayasanka: Demo automated tests and how to maintain them 

Demo of Privilege Based access - Manuel? (to sync with Florian to prep)

  • P
  • Privilege layer of extensions added. Works online and offline. 
  • Next: Need to redecorate all the spots where we hardcoded "user has access"

Review of Workspace work (check for overlap and progress)

3.0 Design vs Demo Review Checklist 

3 Proposals:

  1. Proposal for Patient Chart PR checklist: Remind ppl to check styleguide; can this be something we can check when we merge PRs -
  2. RFC: Common Widgets Directory
  3. RFC: Improve UX Performance of Up-To-Date Patient Information (with React-SWR) 


Attendees: Grace P, Alex Kemboi, Amos, Arthur Mugume, Brandon, Cynthia, Daniel, Derrick, Dimitri, Donald, Eric A, Eric K, Herbert Oketayot, Jonathan Teich, Lars, Manuel, Maureen Nduta, Nick, Piru Pius, Romain, Samuel Male, Settimba, Suruchi, Vineet, Walter Kiprono


Rest API/ FHIR API suggestion: Only fetching 50 resuls at a time, so you don't know total number of data (e.g. if pt list is >50) - can we get the REST API to send the # of patients in that list

Manuel: Offline caching

Appointments Discussion

UX Design Channel: Multiple pt lists in offline mode


Grace, Arthur Mugume (UCSF/HISTAC Dev), Donald, Manuel, Jonathan T, Ampath interns Alex Kemboi & Cynthia & Maureen & Nick, Brandon, Burke, Daniel, Derrick, Dimitri, Emmanuel, Eric A, Eudson, Florian, Ian, Lars, Piru Pius, Romain, Vineet

  • Welcome Ampath interns
  • Demos
    • OHRI: Computed Concepts (e.g. for displaying HIV + alert tag in pt header) 



Attendees: Grace Potma, Florian, Vineet, Samuel, Burke, Derrick, Arthur Mugume, Brandon Istenes, Daniel, David DeSimone, Dennis, David Mugume, Dimitri, Donald, Edward Bichetero (METS), Emmanuel N, Eric, Eudson, JJ, Lars, Michael Van Hese, Piru Pius, Settimba

Session timeout bug - Florian to follow up

  • Florian to present proposal to continue on this SWR / data fetching topic.
  • Samuel will be able to present the cohort work today during the call, including the "Add to list dialog box". Then next week we will likely present the HTS Home Screen as well as the Computed Concepts.


  • Changing the future squad call times to be 2hrs earlier (i.e. 4pm EAT instead of 6pm EAT)
  • Changing the squad name from "MF Squad" to "3.0 Squad" (since we've kind of surpassed just MFE architecture as the squad's focus, and 3.0 will be clearer for all parties)
  • Using as our source of truth for what's going on & who's doing what these days
  • Proposal for forms - what's the lift to connect a form to a widget? Like immunizations?
  • SDK communication & tech blocks communication
  • Strategy standup of migration: Challenges, workarounds, your approach; things you've  done, problems you've seen vs anticipated


Performance Improvement Proposal with React-SWR

  • Dennis showed using React-SWR to increase the user-perceived speed of data loading - immediately loads cached data, while simultaneously checking for any changes/updates. Means you can see updated condition list after saving in the action panel/workspace. 
  • Still need design for "this content is stale/being updated" for user clarity. 
  • React-SWR is a React library, but SWR is just a general data fetching pattern. E.g., Caveat that React-SWR would only handle data shown via React. → Should we rearchitect to explicitly decide that react is our primary framework? (So far, we are react-oriented/basically react primary, not necessarily react-only)


Attendees: Grace P, Manuel, Vineet, Daniel, Dimitri, Eudson, FLorian, Heshan, Ian, Jayasanka, JJ, Nikita, Romain, Samuel

  • Registration related blockers


Attendees: Vineet, Brandon, Cliff, Daniel, Derrick, Dimitri, Donald, enyachoke, Eudson, florian, Ian, Ines, JJ, Lars, Manuel, Nikita, Romain, Samuel, Sttimba. Regrets: Grace

  • Demos
    • Manuel showed form searches working in offline mode
    • Vineet demonstrated showing active visits
    • Nikita demonstrated implementation of modal dialogs


Attendees: Grace, Burke, Manuel, Brandon, Ciaran, Dennis, Dimitri, Emmanuel, Florian, Ian, Nikita, Romain, Settimba, Vineet.  Regrets: JJ

  • Demos: 
    • Manuel showed sync working when user returns online after offline mode
    • Metadata MVP for release is almost done :tada: → PR reviewed by Romain and after Amos reviews, should be ready early next week (smile) 
    • CI pipeline setup: PR by Ian coming 
    • Unblock Vineet  MF-615 - Getting issue details... STATUS


  • 3.0 Overvew - on Talk
  • Squad Showcase coming July 14/15!
  • Plan: Release by mini-conference ("Community meeting")
  • 2nd half: Understanding of technical steps to creating the release: What's the checklist of things that has to happen for a release? (e.g. all MFs have to be released)? Then, what's the decison making process / who signsoff that something is ready to be released? 

2021-06-14: Design call

Attendees: Burke, JJ, Ciaran, Grace, Eudson, Ines Fernandes, Nikita, Dimitri, Eric

  • Review of Offline Mode designs
  • Discussion of technical handling of offline login & cache clearing
  • Discussion of plan for Eudson & team to lead implementation of Forms and Workspace designs in RefApp

2021-06-10: Squad call


Attendees: Nikita, Manuel, Vineet, Jonathan T, Grace P, Burke, Ciaran, Dimitri, Donald, Emmanuel, Eric, Florian, Ian, Paul A, Samuel, Brandon, Eudson, Daniel Betres, Herbert Oketayot, Piru Pius, Settimba

  • Demos: 
    • Brandon: Dev Documentation Updated, Implementer Documentation Updated, SDK updated to pull MFEs; added microfrontends.json to SDK: 
  • Demo: Paul: Design System for Forms
  • Idea: Add tickets/bugs you find to #mf-issues? We need your help catching issues (smile) 


We're saying "release" to sometimes mean 3 different, but related things:

1) **Our Alpha:** Releasing OpenMRS 3.0.0 into our Demo Environment

2) **Demo Site Release Cadence**: The regular process of releasing from a Dev Environment to Demo (Prod) Environment (the thing that users & prospective implementers of all knowledge levels can easily play with)

3) **Technical Release Pipeline**: How this happens for individual widgets/apps, vs import map, vs config; How do we formally represent a release of the reference app? Is it a repo? Docker image? Ideas?

In the 3.0 framework, a "release" is technically (1) an Import Map, + (2) Configuration, + (3) Modules.

  • Proposed Plan: Release OpenMRS 3.0.0 on July 2, 2021: Whatever's releaseable by then, will be in first release ("3.0.0")
  1. What is a release? 
    1. Import Map + Configuration + Modules
    2. How do we formally represent a release of the reference app? Is it a repo? Docker image? Ideas? 
  2. We hope to include all JIRA tickets currently marked as 3.0.0 release candidates (Jira label = "3.0.0releasecandidate")
  3. Next steps
    1. Need clear dev vs demo environments (wink)
    2. Pre-release week workshop to get started?
    3. Release Sprint Planning
      1. When does sprint begin? End?
    4. Promote!
      1. Hackathon?
      2. Tweet about it


OHRI/UCSF demo of work to date:

Attendees: Grace P, Burke, Brandon, Donald, Vineet, Ciaran, Derrick, Eric, Eudson, Ian, JJ, Jonathan T, Michael Van Hese, Nikita, Romain, Settimba, Suruchi, Tendo

  • Appointments plan for MFE = ?
  • Do we need to set up a Distro for the Demo, put in Digital Ocean?  (Import Map + Config File) (Set up another version, a real Demo, that is stable and has a config file so it can be a more polished version of what we want to show?)


  • Brandon: Working on more exhaustive documentation; experimenting with Doxify 
  • Donald: Forms 
  • Vineet: Visit History 
  • Eudson, Samuel, & UCSF/OHRI Team: Team progress & form builder 
  • Grace: 3.0 Apps & Widgets Directory:



Attendees: Grace P, Burke, Ciaran, Nikita, Jonathan T, Brandon, Daniel, Dennis, Dimitri, Donald, Emmanuel, Eric, Florian, Lars, Michael Van Hese (USAID HIS Advisor), Romain, Samuel, Sean K, Settimba, Vineet

Alerts & FHIR


  • Nikita: Chart now changes with clicking different time range. Improvements to Lab Results Timeline.
    • Question about shortening the "All Results" timeline: Shortening the timeline if there isn't 5 years of data. I wonder if there's value in making that obvious to the user, e.g., a line saying "Showing only data since 20/1/2020" -- so the user doesn't think they're looking at five years' worth? Might be clinically valuable.
  • Manuel: Can view and submit form while offline; can create and edit pt offline: 
    • > What happens if a patient is registered offline who already exists? Florian: No check yet, presumably the API will just error out here. Then the user needs to check / handle the error (potentially discard the registration). In some sense the problem is deferred. Generally, I'd put this in the "sync issues" kind of category. Imho, we should have a generic treatment for these failures.
  • Florian: No breaking changes expected. 
  • Samuel: Attachments
    • Confirmed: capturing a photo would go direct from camera to app and not leave an image on the user’s device (for patient privacy/security). When we capture an image, it’s saved saved on the server and not the client’s machine/device

    • Need names/text for attachments: 
    • Uploading message (some indicator of progress uploading) would be helpful.
  • We should probably have a different placeholder image here: 
  • Vineet: 

Form Designs:

Tablet Example:

Workspace Example:



Attendees: Burke, Grace, Florian, Nikita, Dimitri, Dennis, Donald, Emmanuel, Eudson, Grace N, Naman, Sean, Vineet, Jonathan Teich, Grace P, Brandon, JJ

Reminder: Test your work before issuing a PR. Reviewers job does not include testing your code.

We still need dev and demo environment.  


  • Florian: Webpack config
  • Nikita: Patient Lists update (in copied CSS at the moment)
  • Donald: Clinical Views update
  • Vineet: Visit Note expansions (problem: diagnosis gets attached to the visit note)



Regrets: Grace P



  • JJ away next 2 weeks
  • Demo of Lab Results working; trendline chart just has bug to be fixed
  • Demo of registering a pt offline
  • Ciaran creating online Component Resources. Gets us closer to a library of design components and code components. 



Attendees: 19 - Florian, Brandon, Burke, Ciaran, Daniel, Dimitri, Donald, Eudson, Lars, Ian Bacher, Joachim, JJ, Grace P, Romain, Samuel, SeanKwon, Vineet

  • Welcome Lars (full stack)
  • Component Library proposal available #mf-squad-internal


  • No call next week - OMRS Community Meeting instead!
  • Showcase coming - demos plan?


2021-03-25: Squad Call

Attendees: Florian, Brandon, Ciaran, Daniel, Derrick, Dimitri, Donald, Eric, Grace N, Harshit Shukla, Ian Bacher, Joachim, JJ, Grace P, Romain, Samuel, SeanKwon, Settimba, Ujjwal


  • Offline mode: Offline Mode: Requirements & Project Status in 2021 Manuel back, working on this, stay tuned for early demo next week! 
  • Florian: Improvements to App Shell, Debugger, and Import Map. Pt chart refactoring ongoing. Fixed slowness issues on Demo site. 
  • Need someone with time to spin up QA environment and duplicate current Demo setup there. (Romain & Regan & Grace to f/u)
  • Samuel working on Attachments (backend work to have them work in MFEs) and simplified packaging approach
  • Donald working on Ampath Forms & Forms widget
  • Eudson showed progress on using extensions to implement HTS Hello World use case for OHRI

Common components: Carbon Tables are becoming common repeated use case. Would be ideal not to duplicate work and also be able to update the table recommendation 

2021-03-18: Squad Call


Attendees: Grace, Burke, Florian, Jonathan T, Ciaran, Daniel, Ian, Nikita, Romain, Tendo

Result of SPA Workshop on monday: Starting to see improvements in PRs etc

Nikita showed progress on Test Results: Can now see recent results and go from a recent result to see it on the Timeline view. Timeline view currently limited to just that panel, but eventually can become one single Timeline view with everything/all results.

Florian showed how adaptations to how we're using Single-SPA will now allow us to have multiple pages per microfrontend.

Ciaran showed updates to the Patient List Designs. 

Time change for Monday & Thursday calls to come.

New Nav Slot: 

F/U w/ Romain & others re. Registration & Attachemnets work

Header slot?

Intro Tickets

2021-03-11: Squad Call

Date time format: Consistency across application - should apply standard format across application. Using User Locale. For now - use shortened string for Month (e.g. Jan instead of /01)

Range control - see how VS widget was done.

3.0 Packaging semi-blocker: Need Appointments module to have "aware_of" dependency on Atomfeed instead of "required" dependency.

Next week: Romain to demo some updates/refactoring that should make it easier for people to use the packaging approach. This will become the OMRS RefApp for 3.0 (new projects will bring their own config/metadata, but in a way that brings all your existing stuff over). This will help us migrate our own demo instance over to 

2021-03-04: Squad call


Attendees: Brandon, Ciaran, Daniel, Dennis, Dimitri, Donald, Eric, Eudson, Florian, Grace, Ian, Nikita, Romain, Samuel, Settimba

Nikita: Update on Lab Results Timeline View:

Florian: Ready to onboard the team to the new frontend architecture! We'll have a training session w Florian on Monday. 

2021-03-02: Config call - a basic base RefApp package

Goal: A very simplified Reference Application basic package. You can add additional modules if you want to, but this is the bare, bare minimum. 

2021-03-01: Design call - focus on HIV Testing Services workflow for OHRI Hello World

Walked through HIV Test Services hello world requirements:
and HIV Test workflow:

Key points from today's design call:

  • Next Steps: Ciaran will work on a first round of designs, now that the HTS workflow is more clear. 1 week timeline to get designs done & interactive version ready.
  • Timeline details: Ciaran will spend several dedicated UX days on HTS this week, and 2 days next week, and a few final hours of tweaks after that as-needed. (This is in addition to the other 3.0 desktop UX testing that was set up for this week)
  • How Feedback will happen:
  •    In #ohri-hello-world, Ciaran will share snippets of his work throughout the week.
  •    On weekly Thurs squad call, Ciaran's latest design work is usually highlighted, so his progress will be included in his usual demo.
  •    Next week, we can use the same time as today to get together again and go through the end-to-end workflow (Monday at 4pm UTC / 7pm EAT) - @Mwariri Mwangi would this work for you? 
  • Starting with Tablet, since it's easier to go from Tablet to Desktop than vice-versa, for strategic responsiveness from the start, and so that the transition to Desktop will also be a learning opportunity for the Hello World dev team. The tablet designs are still useable on a desktop so this does not block us from the Desktop use case either.
  • Form-type fields will be hardcoded (since using a form builder is not in scope for Hello World))


2021-02-25: Squad Call

Attendees: Ciaran, Grace, Amos, Brandon, JJ, Cliff, Daniel, Dennis, Dimitri, Donald, Eric, Eudson, Florian, GraceN, Herman, Ian, Kdaud, Samuel, Nikita, Romain, Sttimba, Tendo




We can use this to set up our QA and DEMO environments (e.g. and

. But first...

TODO: Need to i.d. exactly what Metadata Config is needed. Pull in UCSF BA Mwariri and PIH David DeSimone - call w/ Romain/Eudson/Mwariri

TODO: Daniel Kayiwa Some backend work needed to get this list as short as possible: (e.g. appointment issue blocking others - address module dependencies) -  MF-490 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Donald - carbonized login & navigation from registration page

2021-02-22: Design Call

Need RBA design call w/ examples; people w/ RA system's 2.x perspective - 2-3 weeks from now

2021-02-18: Squad Call: Demos, Design updates, and key dev conversations

Attendees: Burke, Donald, JJ, Jonathan Teich, Amos Laboso, Anjula, Bawantha, Brandon, Ciaran, Daniel, Dimitri, Donald, Eric, Eudson, Grace Nakiguli, Grace Potma, Samuel, Nikita, Tendo, Herman Muhereza

  •  Demos
    • Donald - Forms update & Demo
      • Can build forms:

        Can Add Forms to Forms Widget:

        Can go to form for that patient: 

        TODO: Donald to get work merged

        TODO: Follow up on design and task for form in action panel

        TODO: Grace Update TAC

        TODO: Grace f/u about HIV care forms from AMRS we can add

        TODO: Carbonizing plan - Monday design sesh? How soon in roadmap

    • Florian - in process of releasing stepping stones; hoping to release in 1 week
    • Ciaran
    • Nikita - progress on overview page and timeline page 
  • (Ian) FHIR discussions - What we need from FHIR module / API gaps: what the MF squad needs that we aren’t providing via FHIR or they can’t figure out how to access via FHIR.
    • Flags
    • Communication, to a specific user (keep track; possibility to force user to acknowledge the result)
    • Log of things a user has received
    • (Drafts of notes?)
  • How it's going working together and with Carbon and ESM
    • Eudson standup suggestion
    • Q&A in slack - who owns? Timeline acceptable?

2021-02-15: Design Call

  • Design update: Desktop view for Lab Results
    • Scroll with mouse?
  • Plan to setup QA & Demo environments (Romain & Dimitri)
  • Plan re onboarding workshop
  • Plan to handle non-numeric lab results

2021-02-11: Squad Call: Test Results, ___

Attendees: Nikita, Grace Potma, Burke, Jonathan Teich, Anjula Samarasinghe, Ayush Sharma, Bawantha Rathnayaka, Brandon Istenes, Ciaran, Daniel, Dimitri, Donald, Eudson, Florian, Grace Nakiguli, Larry Ivange, Samuel Male, Romain, Tendo, JJ.


Test Results progress:

  •  Loading card that's only a single lab result has been a challenge - redundant data transfers happening excessively. Need follow up meeting with FHIR squad members.
  • Brandon INr tooling updates
  • Florian updates
  • Tendo updates
  • Ciaran updates: Clickable Desktop prototypes now ready for User Testing; to start user testing next week. Desktop-izing work will soon be ready for development.
  • Donald Form update: 
  • Proposal from Nikita: Can we have a library where people can pull standard (or OMRS-bespoke) component code from? E.g. he's seen 3 different ways of implementing cards so far. 

2021-02-08: Design Call


Goal: interactive desktop experience by ~ Nov 15, then start user testing. Need test users ready for ~Feb 18

2021-02-04: Demos & New Design Style Guide for specific use cases



2021-01-28: Sprint Review & Demos


Attendees: Burke, Donald, JJ, Jonathan T, Brandon, Ciaran, Daniel, Dimitri, Eric, Florian, Larry, Romain, Samuel, Tendo, Grace

  • Still no decision about how to embed MFE tech into next RefApp release (whether to handle as OMOD with no MFEs, or whole package of containers + ngnx → deploy)

Major Forms Update:

  • Donald has connected the AMRS Form Builder and added a Search for Forms widget: 
  • Now we have both a way of creating and displaying forms: 
  • Consumed as a parcel: 
  • Next step is to get it working using the actual MFE framework (Donald & Florian to follow up)

2021-01-27: Design Session/Presentation: 

Attendees: Ciaran Duffy, David DeSimone (PIH), Esther Kanyangonda (IntelliSoft), Grace Bish, Jonathan Dick (Ampath), Michael Bontyes (MSF-OCP), Susan Gathu (IntelliSoft), Ian Bacher (Brown), Juliet Wamalwa, Ken (IntelliSoft Kenya), Eudson Bambo (UCSF)



We're still open to more feedback on Theming and we'll try to keep the discussion going in the coming months. We'll try to create as much opportunity as possible for INrs and collaborators to voice their needs. 

Feedback heard on call: 

  • Intellisoft: Resonated for Intellisoft b/c they often have to re-brand for their customers' needs.
  • MSF (Organization): "As long as we can add our red color we'd be happy (smile) What's more important for us is localization and internationalization - language requirements."
  • UCSF: Eudson will f/u with team to share these; branding may indeed become a requirement of the PEPFAR HIV RefApp work (OHRI).
  • PIH (Organization): Some re-branding/re-coloring of the RefApp for their implementations; what's demo'd here would satisfy their requirements. 

2021-01-25: Design Call: Test Results progress, Whitelabeling Config Project Updates

Nikita, Jonathan Teich, Ciaran, Eric, Tendo, Grace

Nikita showed how he can now show panels as well as individual results from the server itself: 

Problem: calling all concepts with Tests or LabResults, 100's of call each time, results in significant loading/fetching time / performance issues

Currently no better way to do this with REST. TODO: Nikita going to meet with Ian to see how this could be handled with FHIR. The difficult thing is to find all concepts that have observation data for this patient. 

Whitelabeling Config Project Updates

  • Designs for areas that would be changed: To package in a separate Zeplin project
  • Main areas for branding via Config: Login page logo (link change), FAB, Nav bar, action buttons, page button highlight, favicon & browser tab name
  • Ciaran to prep Presentation with visuals that can be sent around

2021-01-18: Design Call: Test Results progress

Test Results progress & update from Nikita:

  • Current state of Timeline: 
  • Suggestion to use FOSS option from agGrid for timeline view Seems it should be able to handle all the business logic we need. Could always be replaced later. 
    • Decision: Time-box to try and replicate the timeline design and see how it looks. 
    • Decision: For rest of this sprint, prioritize Results Overview page; if we get some progress as well on timeline view via attempt to implement with ag-grid, then great! 
  • Ciaran shared progress updates on whitelabelling designs.
  • Grace to work w/ JJ, Jonathan Teich on sample patient data here:
    • Then we'll add this into the demo site DB via the REST API



Implementer tools update from Brandon: Substantial carbonizing and UI improvements


Registration update from Larry & Romain:

 Carbonizing done, some bug fixes ongoing. Sections are structured to be independent of each other.


  • We will proceed with iframe plan, bigger form goals not a priority. Ideally we still make a high-level decision about what we will/won't do.
  • Need to find IN' that uses HFE to take this on, b/c Ampath doesn't use. (JJ to f/u with Brandon, Stephen)
  • Design Discussions Needed:
    • Registration page configurability
    • Forms High-Level Decisions


Key Points

  • Need someone to take on iframing for HFE forms
  • Start next sprint next week - planning sesh Monday (TICKET to cover description of iframing HFE work)
  • Follow up Design Session about Visit Note page

Updates & Discussion:

  • Lab Test Results: Nikita to begin work on these now, using the current Sketch designs:
    • TODO: Tickets/definition of work for next sprint? 
  • "Forms 0.1": Specific resource not yet i.d.'d for iframing HFE Forms - Nikita and Florian can provide support in the background. Will require some backend support b/c HFE doesn't supply a REST endpoint you can use to get the HTML. Server render → deploy to iframe. The render includes ++ context & needs a REST endpoint. Next we might strip out all the extra stuff in that context (no framework around it; removes everything but the form).
    • Design discussions about next gen form engine need to continue - want to be ready to work on this next gen in Feb. Goal = January.
    • Technical oversight from Nikita and Florian but need assignee - Goal = January.
  • Appointments Scheduling: This is an area for possible Bahmni collaboration. Bahmni appointment scheduling still seems like the better option right now. Don't want to try to use legacy Appointment Scheduling UI b/c it's legacy and angular and would require total redesign. Idea: click and be taken away to another tab. Scheduling is a different experience in a different tab, nice that it's already naturally separate w/ Bahmni appointment scheduling. So this is there, but we need visibility for this to show up in 3.0 frontend.
    • Means using the Appointments OMOD backend module (not Appointments Scheduling OMOD). Eudson to get to know app called Bahmni Appointments (there are some things to know in there like appointment services, appointment service categories). Will continue checking in w/ Dennis & Dimitri as needed. Need endpoints to point to right REST API endpoints.
  • Distro Packaging work: Update on Romain's work: Ready to be used - dockerized, consolidated and much smaller list of things to load. Goal is to make this the reference distro to use for CI purposes. Goal = January. Have to add both HFE and HFE UI modules (wanted to minimize things like this).
  • Visit Note: update on Dennis' work implementing these wireframes:
    • TODO:  Clarify what should be driving the content of this Visit Note (form?)
    • TODO: Clarify whether "Diagnosis" is the term we want to use (or problem? reason for visit? what's the purpose of this field, how is this field's data used?)
    • TODO: Clarify whether the Red/Blue label UI is how we want to handle the semantics of a primary/secondary diagnosis/problem/reason for visit
  • Attachments: Add Image should be a re-useable component - TICKET - Samuel working on this; Samuel & Dennis to connect to confirm how Dennis can embed that component in the Visit Note page.
  • Implementer Tools:

2021-01-04: Priorities for January 2021

Attendees: Burke, Eric, Grace, Jonathan Teich, Daniel


  • Eric: No blockers for Donald/Dennis re. implementing designs; Eric to f/u w/ them this week.
  • Ciaran: back Jan 11.
  • Burke: Thoughts about how to use GSOC for MFE. Need clear projects that are well described and attractive.

January Priorities

  • GSOC Project Clarity
    • High-level overview of Admin Modernization - Burke - Done: GSOC 2021: Modernizing Administration functions for OpenMRS
    • Requirements granularity
      • What things are used so rarely it's not worth including in scope? What's used most commonly? What's more heavily used in Legacy vs 2.0 UI? (Don't just assume that what we need is strictly from the legacy UI - need to prioritize.)
      • API Gaps: Some Admin fx will need REST API backends/endpoints built. "Take these 3 fx and build a REST API". This needs to be done before UI can be built on it!
      • Prioritize Domains: Need to find out from Implementers which of the domains are heavily used. Then i.d. API gaps. - TODO: Grace f/u with Dimitri.
      • UI Design needs: TODO: Grace post requirements and f/u with Ciaran
  • Whitelabelling Progress
    • Ciaran working on samples Jan 11-12 
    • January 13 Session w/ Implementers to share Examples, talk about the Potential, and gather some quick Feedback (and we can post on Talk after too)
      • TODO: Grace f/u with PIH, Ampath, Mekom, NigeriaEMR, KenyaEMR, UgandaEMR
    • Focus is on Skinning: Logo, color theme. Avoiding styling changes (e.g. dimensions/pixel # changes).
  • QA Strategy
    1. In Jan: Introduce Ampath QA Team to OMRS QA Team (TODO: Grace; Eric & Robai to encourage team to attend)
    2. In Jan: Strategy RFC
      1. How do we increase automated testing of the tech, e.g. unit tests, linting, integration tests 
    3. In Feb: Start end to end manual workflow testing of end user fx
  • 3.0 Roadmap
    • January workshop TODO: Grace f/u w/ JJ about progress setting this up
  • Features
    • Finish changing Frontend Architecture: Acceptance criteria for whether it's ready (TODO: Grace f/u with Florian & Brandon)
      • Florian working on one more PR for config
      • Stability
      • Documentation
    • Order Entry: Done & ready for testing
    • Registration: Romain (main issue has been how to design to ensure configurability users will need) (TODO: Validate approach w/ Brandon)
    • Patient Dashboard. summary, & related extensions: Donald (needs tasks) & Dennis (visit summary ongoing)
    • Test Results & Chart Search: Nikita (starting now); some support from Ciaran
    • HFE Forms: support for HFE Forms via iframes (start w/ iframes for quick & dirty solution - integration work needed (load iframe etc; well defined, not big scope)) - next generation work later in future). Continue occasional design discussions about our approach to FHIR Qnr; will reconnect about LHC Forms Team's ongoing work. Clarity on next gen plan by end of January.
    • Attachments extension: Samuel
    • Appointments widget: Eudson Bambo (some support from Dennis)
    • Offline Mode: Next in Florian's cue
    • Patient Lists: Bett did some design work on this previously - will need feedback from Ian, Seaton; this is Ciaran's next priority

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