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New features to Test

  • 'Menu button' on the cards. 
  • Find and use the 'Add new allergy' buttons
  • Add Allergy page:  takes over the screen fullscreen. Can the user figure out how to escape from here and return to where they came from


Figma interactive prototype

Some screenshots



Let's say a patient just had an allergic reaction and you would like to document this in the chart.

The patient had an allergy to:

  • The drug Ramipril. It is an ACE Inhibitor
  • The reaction included Angioedema and GI upset
  • The reaction was severe

Please go about entering this into the patient chart

Things we want to see / Follow up questions

Ask as appropriate

1. Can the user easily access the 'add new allergy button'?

  • There are two ways to get this
    • a) clicking on the 'more button' on the allergy panel heading on any page
    • b) clicking on 'add' on the allergy heading panel on the Chart / History / Allergy page

2. How do the users respond to the 'menu' button. 

  • Can then anticipate what it does?
  • Do they click on it?

3. In the full screen allergy page

  • What do they think the buttons at the bottom mean?
  • If they wanted to close the note without saving and get back to the main page - do they know what to do? (in this case they'd need to click 'delete')

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