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Link to Figma Tablet Mockup

Key objective

See if users are able to figure out how to (1) navigate app, (2) get to the add an allergy or condition page, (3) get to the edit an allergy or condition page.

NOTE: the add and edit functionality does not work fully. When the user gets to the page, please use the breadcrumbs to get the user back a level so they can continue the tests.

Potential script.


On load:  ask what they are seeing


Task: if they wanted to see more information about the patient's contact information, where would they look?

If the user still can't figure it out, ask where they would look to see more information about the patient's demographics and identifying information 

Goal: see if they can open, and then close the patient profile panel.


Task: You need to edit the peanut allergy. What would you do?


Task: you need to add a new vital, what would you do?

direct user 'back' a level once they click 'add'


General impressions?

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