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Archived Project

This page was archived as of Mar 4 2022. The information on this page may not be up-to-date or maintained.

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New patient records are created during offline mobile data collection and synced with OpenMRS for processing and integration into database. This creates potential duplicate patient records, as identified during processing of the registration data. Currently, there is a mechanism that executes to identify potential duplicate patient records such that in case duplicates are identified, registration data is flagged for manual review. Manual review requires checking whether the registration data is truly duplicate so as to merge with existing record, or if not then register as new patient record. The problem is that the user interface is not comprehensive enough to support a manual review process. There is need to enhance the UI to allow reviewing and merging records if duplicate, and creating new records if users confirm they are new.


  • Good Java and JavaScript skills
  • Soft skills to interact with the community in order to gather requirements and technical feedback

Skills Needed

  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • MySQL
  • Good understanding of Spring framework and OpenMRS API


  • UI mockup - patient record review, record merge and create new record.
  • For patient record review, need to pull new record and potential existing record side-by-side along with hyperlinks to both records for other related data.
  • For patient record merge page, it needs warning pop-up message for record reviewers to confirm.
  • For create new patient record page, it needs to create a transaction of creating a new record and its correponding non-registration form data will need to be re-queued/re-processed.

Extra Credit

Enhance rest of the error resolution UI to make it easy for resolving other types of errors encountered during processing of data coming from mobile devices. 


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  1. Archived per decision w/ Daniel Kayiwa.