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    Votes Summary
    0 Support XForms with patient registation in OpenMRS 2.x (new UI)
    0 Change so that the encounter_datetime and obs_datetime are gotten from server and not client
    1 Set that the module saves the time in encounter and obs datetime as default
    0 Expanding Xforms Relationship widget
    0 Displaying service info in XForms
    0 additional to the Save button there should be a Save and Print button which saves the xform and also creates a new windows with a PDF of the data that was just submitted in the form
    8 Integrate UUIDs in xforms structure
    0 Make it so that OpenMRS 1.9 locations are automatically updated in xforms
    0 Currently if Patient Identifier does not meet the validation parameters it gives an Internal Server Error
    0 allow the modification of variables using fields in xforms
    0 provide a new Patient() in the model, like most spring-bound forms
    0 Allow for death registration to be done via xforms
    0 Use patient_ids and/or identifiers to establish relationships (not just patient uuids)
    0 Generic xform nodes to correspond to OpenMRS Tables.Columns
    0 Have XForms change form behavior if value of a numeric concept is out of normal or critical values
    0 Be able to place orders within xforms and have it behave as if it had been done in the regimens tab
    0 Make it so that OpenMRS 1.9 providers are automatically updated in xforms
    0 obs_datetime field should be listed before or after its related form field
    2 Highlight form field element in both Design Surface and Task Pane
    2 Option to see and reposition coded answers displayed out of allowed area
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