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We are constantly working on improving our road map planning process. When OpenMRS started, we didn't have a formal road map and stumbled through version releases. By release 1.5, we had developed the beginning of a Release Process.  By 2012, we found that a purely road map-focused process was not meeting the needs of our implementations, so we formed a Road Map Planning Group to help coordinate and continuously review/improve our road map process.  We also created a Road Map Planning Mailing List for discussions focused on designing/improving/feeding our road map.  Our Road Map planning group failed to get enough momentum, so we are falling into a those-who-are-able-and-willing-do-their-best-at-creatoing-a-straw-man-and-let-people-react-to-and-shape-the-road-map-as-needed approach.

How do I participate in the Technical OpenMRS Road Map Planning process?

Our hope is that through simply participating in the community (via mailing lists, voting, forums, etc.), your voice will be heard and will help improve our road map.  If you want to be more directly involved in the process, join the Road Map Planning Mailing List.

The Technical Road Map Planning Process

This is a work in progress.  We are actively working on re-defining and improving these processes, including improving this documentation.  Please consider everything below this note to be either be in draft or outdated.

Several sources are considered in determining which features get added to OpenMRS, including:

  • OpenMRS implementation site needs
  • OpenMRS priorities
  • Features requests within the issue tracker
  • Needs of ongoing projects
  • Module authors
  • Needs of ongoing grant-funded projects

Release Planning

  • Next release
    • Reviewing OpenMRS Priorities
    • Review tickets assigned to next two releases
    • Review OpenMRS someday tickets
    • Tickets that are likely to be punted for third time should be considered for "wontfix" or moved to OpenMRS Someday
  • Release after next
    • New Features
    • Any modules that should become core modules or absorbed into core?
    • Review how modules are moving along with OpenMRS release
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