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This page contains information that various experts will require to set up and run OpenMRS successfully. 

Clinical Content Experts

 -         Concept Best Practices

User Interface Experts

        Making Mockups

               In-page localization UI Mockups

               Old Mockup Examples

  • User Interface Testing


           - Full Length User Testing  guide

  • How to Propose UI Changes

            UI Framework Step By Step Tutorial

Language Experts

  • Translating OpenMRS 

           - How To Translate the OpenMRS Platform and Modules

  • Translating Concepts

              - Translating the Reference Application

  Documentation Experts (e.g., Technical Writers)

  • Getting Started (How can I help?)

               - OpenMRS Documentation Guide

  • Implementer's Guide

                - Implementer Documentation

  • Module Documentation

            - Creating Modules

            - Modules

            - OWA Module Documentation


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  1. Not clear what "Content Development" means, per se.

  2. Should this include content experts (e.g., clinicians) who want to lend a hand in creating/editing clinical metadata and/or providing domain expert testing & feedback (e.g., suggesting UI improvements)?