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This module enables SMART apps in an OpenMRS installation.SMART stands for Substitutable Medical App,Reusable Technologies.This is a platform for developping substituable medical apps around reusable technologies.In simple words, SMART app is just a web application developed using HTML and JavaScript  that uses medical record data from EMR through a common API called SMART API. SMART apps use a comman API which enables them to run independent of the EMR.

By enabling SMART apps in OpenMRS we are providing a platform to run useful SMART application built by SMART developers.

What this module does

  • Administrators can add/remove/enable/disable SMART apps
  • Admins can make which apps are visible or hidden for individual users
  • Users can customize the SMART apps they want to appear on their patient dashboard.
  • SMART apps are displayed on the patient dashboards. The following apps are currently usable:
    • Problems: Displays problems in a table view
    • Med List: Displays medications in a table or timeline view
    • Med Calendar: Displays medications in a table or calendar view.
    • Got Statins?: Determines whether patient is taking a Statin.
    • Cardiac Risk: A Visualization of Cardiology Bloodwork Results with the Framingham Risk Score.
    • Meducation: Generates simpler medication instructions in multiple languages. See for more details
    • Medical Adherence: Displays Adherence History for Chronic Meds
    • BP Centiles: Displays pediatric blood pressures with calculated percentiles





Release Notes

(To be filled in once an initial release is made)


This module was developer by Balachandiran Ajanthan as a GSOC2011 project: project.