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This tutorial will provide a quick guide on how to schedule a visit.
Assumption: User has found and selected the patient.

Step by step guide:

  1. Navigate to visits under the patients profile tabs
  2. Click on "Start Visit" if the patient has just started the visit, otherwise click on "Add Visit"
  3. Patient field should be automatically loaded with their name
  4. Select "Visit Type" from the drop down menu
    1. If no visit types are available, please setup your own visit types under the Administration menu
      1. Visits
        Manage Visit Types
        Manage Visit Attribute Types
        Configure Visits

  5. Fill out the "Start date and time" once the field is clicked a calendar and a timer shows up.
    1. This field should be automatically populated if under step 2 you selected "Start Visit"
  6. Fill out the "End date and time
  7. Select the Location of the visit from the drop down list
  8. Type in "Indication", a drop-down list will show up while typing with terms and concepts found in the dictionary
  9. Save

End result should be a new visit under patients profile with no Encounters
Encounters can be added post visit 










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