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This page gives an overview how to use the Rwanda Primary Care module.

Download the user manual here:  PHC manual User guide.Eng version 1.0.pdf

Screen example - Login

The user starts the application by logging in on this page .../openmrs/module/rwandaprimarycare/login/login.form
This URL should be configured as home page in Firefox.

Username and password fields are displayed on two screens.

Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)

How can I close the Firefox Kiosk window?

Press ALT+F4

How can I navigate back to the primary care start page in Firefox?

Press ALT+H

How do you shutdown the touchscreen computer?

Press the power button, a small window will be displayed, click on shutdown. (applies to HP TouchSmart 600)

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  1. user-4ba3b

    will this work with any barcode reader in the market? do i need to test for any special features for it to be integrative? thanks