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We're playing with a new format for the road map... so don't believe anything you see here.  Use the Road Map page instead.

The OpenMRS Road Map is a set of milestones not only for the core OpenMRS platform, but also for core and sponsored modules as well as related tasks that help us meet the needs of our implementations.

For information about how the road map milestones are chosen and prioritized, see the Technical Road Map Planning page.

For information about ongoing development tasks, see the Sprint Schedule page.



Work needed during quarter

2013 Q1


2013 Q2



2013 Q3

OpenMRS 1.10 (June 2013)

  • Order Entry API
  • ...

2013 Q4

OpenMRS 2.0 (Oct 2012)

  • A new UI!
  • ...


2014 Q1



2014 Q2


OpenMRS Someday

Features planned for the future.  Once these have been designed, they will be attached to a milestone



Completion Status

Sessions (Encounter Transactions)IN DESIGN      

Metadata Mapping (Design Page)




Common or Centralized Approach to Tagging

TRUNK-2284 - Common tagging mechanism for openmrs objects Design



Handling Observation Exceptions (Design Page)  

Concept Class Hierarchy




Support for DME Supplies  

Cohort-level Encounters and Observations



Improved State Machinery (Design Page)

TRUNK-2995 - A Program work flow should provide the transition order of its states Ready for Work


Episodes of Care and Protocols


Support for Care Settings 



Form Model improvements



Support for person_identifier



Separating organizational from privilege-related roles



Contact Information On Persons

Project described


Support for Clustering

TRUNK-314 - Investigate about support for Servlet Container Clustering Closed       
Support for Drug Formularies TRUNK-4535 - Support formulary status for drugs Ready for Work



Support external master registries of Patient, Location, Provider, Concept, and other metadata

TRUNK-1991 - Support external master registries of Patient, Location, Provider, Concept and other metadata Design       

Centralized Auditing (Design Page)




Support for Structured Numerics

TRUNK-413 - Implement the Structured Numeric datatype Design       

Event Bus for OpenMRS (enterprise-quality event messaging)


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