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Developers should use this tag redirect a user to a configuration page if any are missing.

Example usage for explicit GP names:

<openmrs:requireConfiguration propertyList="concept.height, concept.weight" configurationPage="/module/mymodule/configplz.htm" />

or example usage for a prefix:

<openmrs:requireConfigurationByPrefix propertyList="mymodule." configurationPage="/module/mymodule/configplz.htm" />

This tag should be placed before the header import tag (but after the include import tag).

See simplelabentry module for examples: source:openmrs-modules/simplelabentry/web/module/localHeader.jsp (note: change simplelabentry:requireConfiguration to openmrs:requireConfiguration)

TLD for the taglibs: source:openmrs/trunk/web/WEB-INF/taglibs/openmrs.tld