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Version 0.9.3 released March 5, 2015

This is primarily a refactoring and bug-fix release.  Full release notes can be found here.


Version 0.9.2 released September 15, 2014

This release introduces continued bug fixes and new feature enhancements as prioritized by running implementations.  Full release notes can be found here.


Version 0.9.1 released June 26, 2014

This release introduces even further performance improvements over 0.9.0, while also eliminating several issues that were discovered with the solution presented in 0.9.0.  It is recommended to upgrade to this release over 0.9.0.  It also adds a few new features, such as the ability to configure a global property representing "test patients", and having these automatically excluded from reporting queries.  Full release notes can be found here.

Version 0.9.0 released May 5, 2014

This release increases the minimum required version of OpenMRS necessary to run the reporting module from 1.6.6+ to 1.9.2+.  The major changes it introduces are around performance and security, enabling significant performance improvements for queries involving large base cohorts, and by converting from using plain text scheduler.username and scheduler.password settings to using the Daemon user instead.  Full release notes can be found here.


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