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The following includes the quality review process for documentation related tasks.

  1. Pick up a task from the Trello Up Next section. The respective reviewers for the documentation task should be added by the person who created the task.
  2. Start working on the task.
  3. These tasks can be categorized as high priority and low priority where categorization can be done by one of the following: 
  • The person who creates the card.
  • The person who works on it
  • The person who reviews it

       4. If the document needs more feedback or guidance, follow the below procedure.

  • Work on the task using a Google Doc and give the comment access for the public.
  • Then the technical writer can create a separate thread, attach the document to it and tag the respective reviewers to the thread.
  • After the review, publish the document.
  • Attach the published link with a summary of changes done to the Trello card.

         If the task does not need any guidance, directly work on the task, notify the watchers about what the changes are, and publish it. Then attach the published link with a summary of changes done to the Trello card.


  • High priority: Installation guidelines, Drastic document changes
  • Low priority: styling fixes, Content alignments, and positioning.
  • No labels