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Some early thoughts and requirements for this module can be found on this project page: Configurable Clinical Summary. At a high-level, this module aims to provide the following:

  • Provide a means for modeling the data (schema) for one or more patient summaries separately from the output
  • Provide a means to render to multiple output formats for the same summary model
  • Efficiently produce a patient summary for a single patient
    • Provide an interface for previewing any patient summary quickly for a specific patient
    • Configure that a patient summary for a single patient can automatically render in a new patient dashboard tab
    • Configure one or more patient summary documents in a list accessible from the patient dashboard
    • Support for a printable patient summary (eg. render with no header or footer, and integrate with printer)
  • Produce a batch of patient summaries for a Cohort of patients
    • Support doing this ad-hoc
    • Support doing this via a scheduled process for off-peak hours
    • Support producing a zip file containing one output document per patient
    • Support producing a separate output document per patient, saved to a particular location on disk
    • Support producing a single output document containing several concatenated patient summaries
  • Support a wide range of data elements
    • Include Obs for a particular Concept for a patient (all, last N, lowest/highest N, for a date range or x days/months)
    • Include Encounters for a patient (limited by type, last N, all, linked to form page)
    • Include particular output if a data value matches a certain conditional expression (eg. a patient flag)
    • Include current program enrollment data for a particular Program
  • Support built-in summary functionality
    • Graph a particular data element that is a date/value pair over time
    • Produce a table of data elements
    • Support translations so that one summary template can be written to support multiple languages
  • Support nice/easy authoring tools
    • Allow the user to edit the summary template and to see a preview of their changes easily as they work
  • Support personal summary customization
    • Allow users with the appropriate privileges to tweak a provided patient summary and save a personal version that they see instead


  • The sample mockups attached to this page are from the ticket

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