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What is Patient Queueing all about. 

This Module helps organise a clinic by enabling listing the patients in a providers queue. 


OpenMrs Versions

OpenMRS platform 1.11.6 and higer


  • App framework 2.11.0
  • Appui 1.9.0 and higer
  • coreapps 1.20.0 and higer
  • emrapi 1.26.0 and higer
  • uiframework 3.13.0 and higer

Functionalities Available 

  1. Send patient to Service Area
  2. Complete Patient Session. 
  3. View List of patients in providers queue.

Setting it up. 

  1. Go to addons and search for the module patientqueueing. 
  2. Download the module. 
  3. On the Home Page of OpenMRS Reference application, click on the System Administration icon. This will navigate you to the System Administration page
  4. On the System Administration page, click on Advanced Administration icon. this will take you to the legacy system administration.
  5.  In the top right corner, click on the Manage Modules link. This will navigate you to the manage modules page. 
  6. Click on the Add or Upgrade modules button. This will show a popup.
  7. In the Popup, click on choose a file in the add module section. this will allow you to select the download omod file. 
  8. Once the omod file is selected. click on on the upload button in the add module section. 

Please Note The upload of the module might take a some time.

When the module upload is completed. One more setting is required. Determining the locations which the patients list will display when a provider selects a location. 

One more step:I

  1. n the Legacy UI, Under Maintenance Section,>>Select Settings>>Patientqueueing
  2. In the Clinician Location UUIDS text box, add a comma delimited list of uuids of location which you would like to see patients from "Provider locations"
  3. Click save

View List of patients in providers queue

  1. On the patient dashboard, Click the provider dashboard icon 
  2. This will take you to the provider dashboard.

Sending patient to Queue

This functionality allows a person to send a patient to a particular location.

This can be found on the patients Dashboard. 

Steps on How to get there

  1. On the Home page of reference application. goto Find patient record. 
  2. Search of a patient of your choice. This will provide a list of patients if any matches the parameters entered in the search widget
  3. Click on the patient of your choice that is is the list. This will navigate you to the patients dashboard. 
  4. On the patients dashboard in the top right corner, click on the Send patient to service area link. This will show a popup
  5. On the Popup, select the provider and location you would like to send a patient and click send. this will create a patient queue in the clinician queue list. 

Complete Patient Session. 

When a provider is done seeing a patient. They should be able to remove that patient in their pending list. This functionality provides for that.

Steps on How to get there

  1. On the patient dashboard in the general actions section found at the right top corner, select complete patient session. This should show a popup 
  2. On the Popup click complete. this should remove the patient in the providers list.

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