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  1. Sync Artifactory ( to Bintray. All modules published to Artifactory should be available via Bintray. (tick)
  2. Sync Modulus (  to Bintray. All modules ever published to Modulus should be available via Bintray. (tick)
  3. Setup periodical sync of Artifactory to Bintray (daily every 3 hours). At (tick)
  4. Setup periodical sync of Modulus to Bintray (once daily). (by 21st of July)
  5. Create new Module Release wiki.  (tick)
  6. Scan documentation for pages mentioning Modulus and update accordingly (ideally ask a volunteer to do that).
  7. Update documentation on releasing modules at Module Release to Module Release (under construction).
  8. Migrate to use Bintray as the source of truth instead of Modulus.
  9. Announce the date of migration to Addons and Bintray on (at least a week ahead).
  10. Point to
  11. Point and to
    1. Disable sync of Modulus to Bintray.
    2. Disable (wait at least 2 weeks to make sure everything works).


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  1. Rafal Korytkowski,

    Who do we expect to scan for & update pages mentioning modulus? I get 59 results when searching the wiki for "modulus".

    FYI – I think the plan is to adopt as the "official" URL and would be an alias.

    During these steps, what would be the impact on developers? Would this be completely transparent? Or will there be steps required by developers (e.g., do POM files need to be updated)?

    1. I was hoping to find a volunteer to update wiki pages. I'll post to talk about that once we agree on the new recommendations.

      I'll correct the docs to mention addons becoming the "official" URL.

      It will not impact developers until the very last step when we switch to point to Addons. From then on developers will have to follow new recommendations about publishing to Bintray instead of Modulus (no changes in POMs, publishing to Modulus was manual). In fact many modules are published to the OpenMRS Maven repository, thus they are released to Bintray automatically and developers will simply stop manually publishing them to Modulus.