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when some one one has created forms  Schema Design with Duplicated fields.. which have the same field Properties ie ;

     * name
     * select-multi
     * field-type
     *  concept
     * table-name
     * default-value

Step-by-step guide

  1. you simply go to the Admin page > Merge duplicate fields  ,under "Forms"
  2. click Merge duplicate fields and if there are any Duplicated fields, It will automatically merge them

Effects of "Merge Duplicate Fields"

the function merges simiilar/ Duplicared  fields per each form,  simmilar implying they have same "Field name"  , "Select multi" , "Field Type" , "Concept" , "Table name " , "Default Value",

and it points all the duplicated fields to the first field. 

NB . the function does not delete the duplicated fields from the given Form_Field table in the Dtabase , neither  from the form Layout, but t just points the duplicated Fields to one single Field.

an example below is a duplicated field "NewX" in a form.

before the Duplicated Fields are merged , when u search in "Find field Elements" for a field to add to the form,

all the Duplicated Fields are returned as single fields


After u Merge the Duplcated Fields, when u serach for the Duplcated field, it is returned as a merged field