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These instructions describe installing KenyaEMR from source in a development environment.




Don't install the demo data during OpenMRS installation as this will conflict with the metadata included in KenyaEMR. There should be no pre-existing data in OpenMRS prior to installation.

Some of the modules included in KenyaEMR require the scheduler.username and scheduler.password settings (formerly global properties from platform 1.8 downwards) to be set correctly. If these are not set correctly you may end up locked out of OpenMRS.

Building the distribution

  1. Create an account on Github and configure your SSH keys
  2. Go to the KenyaEMR module repository and fork the project
  3. Open a terminal and navigate to a suitable directory where you will keep your working copy
  4. Clone the repository into that directory, i.e

    git clone kenyaemr
  5. Use Maven to build the distribution:

    cd kenyaemr
    mvn clean package -DbuildDistro=true 

The distribution should now be available as distro/target/ where xxx is the latest version number of the code.

Deploying the distribution

Deployment is just a matter of extracting the distribution into your OpenMRS modules repository directory. If you are on Linux and using Tomcat you might do this like:

rm $MODULE_DIR/*.omod
unzip -oj distro/target/ -d $MODULE_DIR

Then restart Tomcat.


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  1. Hi 

    The link of KenyaEMR distribution repository isnt working.

    Can you please update it.



    1. Updated. Thanks for the headsup!