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Some forms are used for retrospective entry and are designed to appear like their paper equivalent as much as possible. Other forms which are primarily for point-of-care entry should adhere to the following guidelines so that they have a consistent appearance.

Example Form

Standard Components


  • Should be contained in a <div> with the .ke-form-header CSS class
  • Should include <encounterDate>
    • If form is retrospective data entry, then time will not be known and shouldn't be requested (showTime=false)
    • If form is for point-of-care then time is required (showTime=false)
    • Id of the tag should be set to encounter-date to enable calculations based on encounter date (id="encounter-date")
  • Should include <encounterProvider> onlyif form is for retrospective data entry
    • Should default to current user (default=currentUser)
  • Should include <encounterLocation>
    • Should default to the server location (default="GlobalProperty:kenyaemr.defaultLocation")


  • Should be contained in a <div> with the .ke-form-content CSS class
  • Use <fieldset> and <legend> tags to divide the form into sections
  • Should be contained in a <div> with the .ke-form-footer CSS class


  • Place all Javascript in a single script block at the top of the page
  • Use jq to reference jQuery
  • Do not use Javascript to pre-fill form fields as this will give the false-impression that a clinical observation has been made. You can though display previous recordings beside form fields.

Example Code

  <script type="text/javascript">
	// Add javascript here
  <div class="ke-form-header">
    <table width="100%">
        <td>Date <encounterDate id="encounter-date" /></td>
        <td>Provider <encounterProvider default="currentUser" /></td>
        <td>Location <encounterLocation default="GlobalProperty:kenyaemr.defaultLocation" /></td>
  <div class="ke-form-content">
            <td>Total number of goats:</td>
            <td><obs conceptId="159683AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" /></td>

  <div class="ke-form-footer">
    <submit />




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