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inv-166 — Transfer from and to the same stockroom should no longer be possible

inv-195 — Stock Card report incorrect

inv-211 — Do Not Allow Item Stock Expirations in the Past

inv-213 — Exception when Processing Operations with Very Distant Expirations

inv-214 — Item Stock Detail Records with Time Portion are being Created

inv-215 — The inv_item_stock_detail table expiration column is datetime but should be only date

inv-218 — Order operations in (Stock Card) Reports by Operation Date

inv-219 — Rollback not possible after creating operations

inv-220 — Expiration date "none" with negative stock leads to problems with operations in the past

inv-221 — NPE when trying to resumit an operation after a js error

inv-232 — NPE Error creating operation


inv-63 — Confirm deleting prices/codes when editing/adding items

inv-96 — Add a Canceled Reason to Operations

inv-152 — Create UI for Item Attributes

inv-185 — Add Operation Type Search to View Stock Operation Page

inv-186 — Add Item Search to View Stock Operation Page

inv-188 — Support Displaying Item Stock Details on Stockroom Page

inv-205 — Create Basic Item Attributes

inv-210 — Add Stockroom to Expiring Item Report

inv-212 — Add search by name to stockroom items list

inv-234 — Source stockroom change should reset items

inv-235 — Disable item selection unless source stockroom is selected


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