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inv-87 — Error message for purging items without rights is misleading

inv-99 — Fix Hibernate Class Loader Issue

inv-127 — Status Column Title Missing on View Stock Operations Page

inv-130 — Inventory Module causes OpenMRS to be unable to load any other module

inv-131 — "select all" does not save itemConceptSuggestions

inv-132 — Rest Web Services 2.6.9d2016 causes pagination to not work properly

inv-133 — Operation Items Not Displayed

inv-134 — Adding an operation on the inventory page does not close section if one decides to edit an operation instead

inv-135 — Idgen Module is Optional but Settings and New Op Break if Not Loaded

inv-137 — Same price values on items cause problems when selecting a default price

inv-143 — patient once set cannot be set to "null" in operations that require patient or institution

inv-144 — NoSuchElementException when trying to create an operation

inv-145 — form not submitable once "An operation must contain at least one item" occurs


inv-129 — Support Patient Recipients in New Operations


inv-79 — cleaning up tests

Usability Problem

inv-83 — Hide add Item Link when opening edit item form

inv-85 — Provide better error messages when trying to purge an item

inv-113 — Provide better error message when deleting an item used in a bill

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