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How do I get access to the wiki page for editing purpose? my openMRS  ID seem not to be working


Your OpenMRS ID does not automatically let you log into JIRA and Confluence (issues.openmrs.org and wiki.openmrs.org) unless you had access previously. Otherwise, new openMRS IDs recently created , please contact the Help desk to request access  to wiki for edit / write access.

Bots and people were creating a lot of spam content, so we are forced to require you to prove that you're human, and you want to log into the wiki or issue tracker for a legitimate purpose, and a human must approve this.

What should I do?
Go to http://om.rs/helpdesk2, click on Create a New Case, and ask for access to the wiki or issue tracker, explaining why you want access. Then wait for a response on your email address.