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In order to create a test case you need to have an OpenMRS ID. If you do not have one please follow this link.

  1. Go to the testing dashboard at
    From the  Menu choose 'Test' > 'Create a test''.



    • Describe a Test Case in the 'Summary' field. Summary must include functionality name and short summary of the Test Case (in case of complicated Test Cases)
    • In the 'Description' field you can also add more details e.g. user story or leave it empty if 'Summary' field provides enough information
    • In 'Attachment' field you can add screen shot or short movie to help localize the issue
    • 'Label' field should contain key words used for search purposes
    • If the Test Case is meant for an automated test, add a link to automated test code in 'Automated' field

  2. Click 'Create' to create the Test Case. Once a Test Case is created,  add steps on how to perform it in 'Test Details'

    test steps can be edited, cloned and deleted, and their order can be changed at any time.





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