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The changes listed below are only proposed and have not been agreed or scheduled yet.

Proposed Changes

  • Remove or deprecate HtmlForm objects. The xmlData field of an HtmlForm can be stored as a form resource.
  • Allow xml form content to be stored in external resources. These could be regular resources in a module JAR or UI Framework managed resources. UI Framework supports a development mode where resources are fetched directly from the developer's working copy, and this enables easy form design as changes can be seen immediately.
  • Module should use the field table in core as this allows the concept dictionary to display information about how a concept is being used.
  • Refactor the encounter model to be the implementation of a more generic model so HFE can serve more than just encounters
  • Abstract the post-form processing so a form can define it's own post-processor.
  • Refactor all CSS classes and Javascript methods to be properly namespaced.
  • Allow submitted data to be saved as an artifact, so form submissions could be "re-played" in the event that the database gets corrupted and must be restored to a prior state.